Reasons That Cheese Curds are a Superfood


Superfood Cheese curds have become extremely popular in the last decade, and they are often recommended as a delicious part of a healthy diet. Squeaky cheese curds have become a staple for many people, especially those who are into healthy eating.

Cheese curds are made from curdled milk, and the mild and fresh taste of cheese curds has many fans, me being one of them. When it comes to nutritional merits, cheese curds are good news.

Cheese curds are the chief ingredient of the Canadian classic ‘Poutine,’ and they can also be eaten alone as a snack.

Here are some of the reasons why cheese curds make superfoods:

Rich in Protein

Cheese curds are a dense source of protein. 100 grams of cheese curds have a whopping 24.8 grams of protein. High-protein foods require more time to digest, which helps keep you feeling full for longer and makes you less likely to overeat.

The amount of protein in cheese curds also depends on the milk used to make cheese curds. If it is made from cow’s milk, the grams of protein in the cheese curd are very high. Cow’s milk has the highest amount of protein (casein), among other kinds of milk. Another great part about cheese curds is that you can eat them raw.

Cheese Curds Strengthen Bones and Teeth

Cheese Curds are also a good source of calcium, a mineral that plays a significant role in tooth and bone health. Calcium is also vital to regulating your blood pressure.

Maintains Blood Sugar and Improves Digestion

The high level of protein in the cheese curds helps to regulate blood sugar levels as it helps in the slow release of sugar. Cheese curds also contain magnesium, which is known to better heart health and your immune system.

If you have digestion issues, then cheese curds can be your aid. The phosphorus and magnesium help in proper digestion.

Promotes Weight Loss

Cheese curds can be highly effective for achieving and maintaining weight loss, thanks to the protein in them. The higher intake of protein and dairy products like cheese helps overweight and obese people to lose fat and gain muscle.

For everyone who wants to lose weight, make sure you add raw cheese curds to your diet to get effective results.

No doubt, the cheese curd is a Superfood but like everything in life, you have to eat them in moderation because they contain a good amount of fat and sodium also.

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