Why Anxiety is a Growing Concern for Millennial and the World fighting the pandemic?

While life is getting comfortable and convenient each day, it is getting complex and fast-paced as well. For Millennials, avenues of life have transformed with layers of inspiration and innovation unfolding each day. However, from the health point of view, this development isn’t as good for health as for the development and growth of lifestyle.

With evolving lifestyles, health complications are taking a new turn every day. Anxiety is among those serious problems that is confronting the new generation of millennial. As per the statistics from the Anxiety Disorder Association of America (ADAA), around 18% of the US population is affected by anxiety disorders of which only 35% receive treatment. These anxiety disorders if not treated for long may develop into more serious conditions such as depression, Insomnia, and sleeping disorders. So, a lot has to do to address the growing concern of anxiety among the new generation.

In the current situation where the whole world is battling with the Novel Coronavirus, anxiety has taken a steep turn and has engulfed a massive number of people dealing with health concerns and financial stress. Not only people are worried about the safety of their life but also for their family, friends, and loved ones. Other known reasons could be a negative impact on the brain due to prolonged containment and remaining behind the doors without any gradual change. And, for people already dealing with existing mental conditions, this period is almost close to a nightmare. An independent study suggests that social isolation among the vulnerable group of people may escalate conditions such as anxiety disorder, depression, and harmful behavior.

All in all, we are playing with a double-edged sword where we have to keep our fight against Coronavirus alive and have to make sure that our emotional, mental, and spiritual health remains intact. And, there could be a breakdown at any moment that may contribute to our health deterioration beyond the uncurable level. However, a lot can be done rather than just anticipating the circumstances and speculating about the effects that would manifest.

One way to do this is to look around ourselves and embrace the gift of nature around us. Organic herbs are there for thousands of years bringing the elixir of eternity in human lives. There are many herbs known to improve the health and well being human beings. And, there are herbs to cure anxiety as well.

Kratom is one such herb with an alkaloid component that helps cure anxiety naturally. And this is also available at the local level and also online. Kratom has proven health benefits and is not limited to treating anxiety it has a relaxing effect and can also cure blood pressure, sexual ailments, and mood swings. To buy Kratom US check out this website and get kratom online.

So, it is all about shuffling across the most appropriate way to get relief from anxiety. Plus, support from family, friends, or close people could always get rid of anxiety easily.