Why Swiss cheese Slices Are a Great Choice for Burgers

Swiss cheese Slices is not a burger; the foundation of a good burger is without a doubt the cheese. A perfectly cooked patty with cheese and topping is good enough to satisfy my hunger.

When it comes to the best cheese for a burger, American cheese has always dominated the market, and as a burger lover, I can’t disagree. The perfect melt ona patty, with no mess, makes the American cheese best for the burger.

But that’s not the ONLY cheese you can use in a burger. Life is about enjoying a variety of delicious food, not just eating the same food again and again. The same thing goes with the burger too; there are various cheeses that can be used in a burger like cheddar, Swiss, and many others. To be suitable cheese for a burger it needs to have a soft texture and the ability to melt.

If you explore the possibility of cheese for a burger you will end up with a long list. But today I want to share about Swiss cheese slices and what we have been missing.

It won’t surprise me if you have never heard about the Swiss cheese slices in a burger, as I was also one of you till a few weeks back. This quarantine makes me feel hungry every minute so, I keep trying a different variation of a recipe, and I did with the burger too.

Once I was craving for a burger, and due to this quarantine, I had not done enough grocery shopping, and as a result, I was short of American cheese slices, but for a foodie like me, I was not planning on giving up on burgers. Suddenly, Swiss cheese slices grab my attention, and the rest is history.

Why Swiss cheese slice?

Swiss cheese is popular with a fondue recipe, the soft texture and enhanced flavor when melted makes it perfect for fondue as well as a burger.

It’s one of my favorite cheeses for a burger. The taste I had during my first bite was surprisingly the best thing that happened to me during this quarantine.

It has a nutty and sweet taste, and like American cheese, it blends perfectly with the patty due to the presence of moisture in the cheese. The additional benefit of using Swiss cheese in a burger is it tastes like a caramelized onion; the extra onion taste is always welcome on my burger.

swiss cheese slices will let you experience the heavenly taste with an hooey-gooey texture. You need to be careful with choosing high-quality Swiss cheese and one of my trusted places to buy Swiss cheese is Pure Dairy. They are the leading manufacture of dairy products in Australia, and when it comes to high-quality cheese, I can blindly trust them.

This natural and light cheese will definitely be on your best burger cheese list. So, next time when you plan for shopping, don’t forget to add Swiss cheese on your list.

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