Why your expat employees need international health insurance

Having employees overseas can feel like a massive accomplishment. It shows that your business is growing, highlights success, and it gives your staff a bit of a confidence boost as well. But are you taking care of your expat employees?

The thing is, you might have health insurance plans for your staff on the mainland, but what about the ones overseas? Policies are different, and things don’t work the same way, but that doesn’t matter. There is a business health insurance plan for them too.

How Does International Health Insurance Work? 

International health insurance works by providing your expat employees with private medical care in their country of residence. As more and more people see the benefit of remote working as well as the continued expansion of companies, it is becoming a fast-growing sector.

Ensuring that your overseas workers are properly protected in case of illness shows them that you value them, but it also means they get the same peace of mind as everyone else. Is it harder to buy and implement? Absolutely not, it’s quick, simple, and you can use your broker.

Why Choose International Health Insurance? 

There are a few reasons why you should be strongly considering international health insurance for your staff. The first of which is ensuring that all of your employees are receiving equal treatment. Staff in Spain are going to feel neglected if UK staff are receiving health benefits.

It’s up to you to make sure your staff are happy and being treated well, international insurance is just as easy to get as the regular kind, so there’s no reason to leave the ex-pats out of it.

Giving your ex-pat employees health insurance will also improve the likelihood that they will stay with you, boosting employee retention and ensuring a much more productive workforce. It offers them peace of mind, even though they are working thousands of miles away from head office.

What Do You Get with International Health Insurance? 

There are loads of incredible benefits that come with international health insurance. Some of the key and most important ones are as follows:

  • Appointments with private doctors
  • Routine appointments for chronic conditions
  • Coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Mental health support
  • Dental and optician plans
  • Scans, surgeries, and treatment coverage

There are usually plenty of extras included in international health insurance plans as well. This can include things like maternity care as well as vaccinations for children and helplines that are operated by multilingual staff.

Some providers will even offer coverage for infertility investigations as well as providing advice and services both with regards to infertility and other health conditions that might be concerning your employees. It’s often up to you how detailed the package provided gets.

To Conclude 

Never forget how important your ex-pat employees are to the running of your company. They are just as essential as the mainland team, and they provide you with exceptional outreach to new markets. This is why they should never be forgotten in your company health insurance plan, and remembering to add them doesn’t just help with retention, it also means you stand out from the crowd when you;re-recruiting and searching for new staff to join the team.