WHAT’S PT-141: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier


PT141, also known as Bremelanotide, is a synthetic PT-141  peptide. PT-141 is unlike any other medication sold! This new sexual dysfunction prescription is brain-based. It creates a reaction in most women and men that can only be described as miraculous.

Men: Remarkable results! Look and feel fuller, thicker, and firm that will make you think you stepped into a time machine. Experience multiple days of reaction. It can bring back the vigor you thought you lost forever.

ED affects close to 20 million men in the U.S. Many are not all older men as is a common belief. According to a study, erectile dysfunction affects one-fourth of the male population under the age of 40. PT-141 is the answer many men have been seeking!

Women: This is a game-changer. There are not many choices out there for helping with the loss of desire for intimacy. PT-141 is a brain-based product unlike any made to date! It enhances your desire and is helpful in bonding with your partner. PT-141 provides a youthful emotional response.

PT-141 is empowering our female patients by rejuvenating their sex drive! One-third of the population experienced sexual dysfunction, according to a 2015 survey. In the older pool of premenopausal women, approximately six million suffer from hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). If you happen to be someone in one of these pools, you are clearly not alone. Our peptide PT-141 can possibly be the answer you are looking for.

How exciting is this? 

PT-141 is a medication that can help boost your sexual desire, bodily engagement, and performance like nothing else on the market. AIM has the purest pharmacy form of the peptide made for the ultimate results.

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What Is PT-141? 

PT-141 is the prior developmental code given name for Bremelanotide. This is a peptide originally developed as a sunless tanning agent. It is a melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) that affects sexual arousal, aiding enhanced libido levels and penile erections. Unlike Viagra or Cialis, PT-141 is not a PDES inhibitor, and it does not target the vascular system. Instead, it acts on the nervous system via the activation of neurons in the hypothalamus to increase sexual desire.

How was PT-141 discovered?

 The discovery of PT-141 as an agent of sexual activity enhancement was accidental and owes its debt to scientist Mac Hadley’s generous volunteering of himself, as he was conducting experiments on his own body and ended up with an eight-hour erection as a result of a double dose of an early compound, Melanotan II, during the earliest testing. α-MSH testing was first conducted on rats in the 1960s and progressed into the 80s. Melanocortins are peptide hormones responsible for regulating many physiological functions. Melanocortin analog, Melanotan I, was tested as a tanning agent, and Melanotan II as a sexual dysfunction agent.

How Does PT-141 Operate? 

The initial research in the 1960s showed that PT-141 stimulated the mPOA terminals in the brains of rats, leading to sexual arousal. The affected part of the brain can trigger dopamine hormones, which influence sexual desire and motivation. Dopamine is a chemical in the body that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and sends signals to communicate with nerve cells. Low levels of dopamine cause you to have a low libido.

Over the decades following the first experiments, much research and several rounds of trials have been conducted on PT-141. In the latest round of Phase 3 RECONNECT studies, the newest compound, bremelanotide was tested on premenopausal women suffering from HSDD.  During two clinical trials conducted over a 24-week period, 600 patients were randomized in each group. They were studied for the efficacy of 1.75mg of bremelanotide delivered subcutaneously versus placebo. Bremelanotide was found to be effective at the pre-specified levels of enhancement in sexual desire and reduction in stress in both trials. After completion, almost 80 percent of the women chose the option to stay on for an extra 52 weeks for an open-label safety extension study.

How Is Bremelatonide Injected?

  PT-141 is designed to be administered via a subcutaneous very small needle in the arm. Effects of can last from six to 72 hours.

What Are the Benefits of PT-141?  PT-141 may affect the body in the following ways:

  • Increase in libido levels
  • Elevated degrees of sexual gratification
  • Enhanced vigor and sexual desire
  • Strengthened penile erections
  • Skin tanning
  • Mood Enhancement

What Are Some Likely Adverse Effects to PT-141?  The use of bremelanotide may produce some side effects, such as headaches, nausea, and flushing, which were reported in the trial, with varying levels of intensity, ranging from mild to moderate. It may also cause itchiness, upper respiratory tract infections, and pain on the injection site.

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