5 Reasons to Get a Mommy Makeover in New Orleans

Mommy Makeover Going through pregnancy would have to be one of the most beautiful and proud moments that you may have experienced in your life since you are bringing another human being on earth, but there are a lot of changes that may happen to your body that would affect your self-esteem and your confidence. 

When you are getting a New Orleans LA mommy makeover, you would be able to restore the youthful and confident look back. 

Here Are 5 Reasons to Get a Mommy Makeover 

1. To feel more confident in your post-pregnancy body

You would likely be spending most of your time tending to your family, especially when you are a new mommy, and this would lead to you neglecting your wants and needs in favor of others. 

But you could restore your happy glow, effectively affecting how people are around you as well because you are basically glowing. A mommy makeover procedure would make you more happy and confident as you do this procedure for yourself.

2. To restore your pre-pregnancy figure

When you are getting a mommy makeover procedure, the whole thing would be tailored to exactly what you need and what you want as your surgeon tries their best to help you achieve your body goals. 

Everyone’s mommy makeover journey looks different because everyone’s bodies are different, react differently, and every person has their own goals and views on what they may or may not want. 

When you are working with a board-certified plastic surgeon, they would be able to combine procedures that would help you easily reach your goals, effectively restoring your pre-pregnancy figure as soon as possible.

3. To boost your self-esteem after giving birth

Being happy in your own skin would help you boost self-esteem, and you may not feel the best after you give birth because pregnancy could really take a toll on your body. With a mommy makeover, you would be able to boost your self-esteem after you give birth and feel more confident in your skin. 

There are different kinds of surgeries that you could get alongside your mommy makeover. You would work with your surgeon to make this plan to help complete all of the procedures that you want to have all at the same time. 

Doing this would give you a shorter recovery time and you get to save because you would only have to pay for the operating room fees and be under anesthesia once making this more efficient.

4. To feel sexy and attractive again

When you get your mommy makeover procedures, I would help you look and feel so much younger than you were previously feeling. As a mother, there are going to be times when you may feel like you have subconsciously become older, but with a mommy makeover, you would be able to feel sexy and attractive again as your surgeon helps you restore your body back to the way it was before.

Here are some of the possible procedures that you could include in your personalized mommy makeover journey:

  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Stomach muscles repair
  • Liposuction
  • Making your breast more symmetrical

5. To regain the energy and vitality you had before pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that we women have to go through, but it could really take a toll on a woman’s body as it changes to make sure that her body would be able to accommodate the growing child in her. 

There are going to be changes you cannot avoid, like changes in your buttocks, breasts, thighs, abdomen, and more. Your skin will stretch and your weight will fluctuate and it could be really frustrating. 

When you get a mommy makeover, it would be able to restore the energy and revitalize your body, restoring the body that you had before you got pregnant, or maybe even make it more into the type of body shape that you have always wanted. 

Who Can Be a Candidate for a Mommy Makeover in New Orleans?

There are a few things that you need to have to be a good candidate for a mommy makeover because not everyone would be perfect for it. You need to be in good health, near or at your ideal body weight, positive outlook, go into this process with realistic expectations, and you are sure that you are done with bearing children. To make sure that you are the perfect candidate, schedule a consultation with your surgeon today!