How to use a traditional shaving soap?

Traditional shaving soap Due to the current world pandemic that has rocked the world economically, many folks are out there for the best possible approaches to saving some cash. Even though everybody wants to save, it isn’t justifiable to ignore everyday exercises like shaving. Many men will have a favorite brand of razor and shaving soaps.

For those who don’t have that money to purchase sophisticated shaving items, they can buy traditional shaving soaps and use them to traditionally shave their heads.

This article expects to advise the reader on how to use traditional shaving soap.

But before that, we want to see reasons why to use the traditional soaps and no other soaps.

Why use traditional shaving soap

Using a shaving soap is hands down great and is the fastest way to greatly improve your shaving quality. This is because using a shaving soap will exfoliate your skin, making it milder and less prone to burnings, scratching, and cutting.

Moreover, it ensures that at the same time you are getting the hair on track everywhere, making it easier to trim. In addition, the soft traditional soap film on your skin greases it very well allowing the razor that you are using to run over the skin effectively and easily. This further develops the shaving quality which in return makes shaving easier and much faster.

However, to take advantage of these soap benefits, you must know how to use them properly. Here, are the steps to follow.

Steps on how to use traditional shaving soaps.


  • Get hot water

You will need plenty of hot water to start with. It should be hot and not lukewarm. The hot water softens the skin and enlarges the pores.

Then spray your hair or soak it in that hot water. Ensure that your hair is wet enough as it will make it easy for shaving. If you feel like your skin is a little dry, try some moisturizer so as not to harm your skin.

  • Soak the brush 

From this point on, take your traditional soap and brush. You will also need a cup or something almost identical to make the foam you will be using. Soak the brush in hot water for some time and then drain the water on the brush. Soaking the brush in hot water straightens the bristles and thus making it comfortable on the skin.

  • Rub the soap on the brush 

Then, rub your brush on your traditional soap a couple of times and ensure there is enough soap on the brush. If you’re using shaving cream, a pea-sized piece of cream in the cup is enough for your shave.

  • Foam your soap and apply 

Then at this point start moving the brush against the cup in circular motions. You need to ventilate to join the foam so that it becomes tender and stable. Keep moving until the foam looks like meringue at this point you will have your traditional shaving cream available. Then apply on the shaving area and use your chosen shaving instrument to cut down those hairs.


Using a traditional shaving soap should not be a problem again. Follow, the above simple steps and you will love the resulting shaving experience.