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Jimmy Carter Health It’s been a day since the death of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter was publicly announced, and it remains unclear whether or to what extent her 77-year-old husband, former President Jimmy Carter, will attend. planned events. to celebrate his life next week.

The Carter Center told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday that it cannot comment on the investigation at this time.

Jimmy Carter’s grandson shares stories about the former president’s Jimmy Carter Health life

Six months after entering hospice care, his nephew told PEOPLE in an interview Saturday that he was “obviously in the final stages” of his life.

Carter, 98, entered hospice care in February after being released from the hospital for various ailments, although the details of those conditions are not known.

In an interview, Josh Carter said the former president was “all Jimmy Carter” but added that people staying at his house late at night never bankrupted Carter. The only people involved are family and caregivers. Jimmy says “he feels the love.”

Although his wife, Rosalynn Carter, was recently diagnosed with dementia, Josh said his mother knew everything and knew who his family was. Jimmy and Rosalynn celebrated their 77th wedding anniversary in early July.

“They’re still holding hands…it’s amazing,” Josh said in the interview. Although it may be difficult for Jimmy to forget his wife, “they see everything in common. I think the best thing is that they are very close.”

He survived cancer in 2015 and was discharged in 2017.

Carter recently underwent brain surgery in 2019 to lower blood pressure, which left the former president with a broken hip, a black eye, and stitches. However, he quickly recovered and soon returned to teaching Sunday school and volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.

Jimmy Carter was the former President of the United States at the age of 98. He and Rosalyn were married for 77 years, making them the longest-serving presidential couple.

Jimmy Carter attends his wife Rosalynn’s memorial service

Jimmy Carter made a rare appearance at his wife Rosalynn Carter’s funeral. The former first lady died earlier this month at the age of 96.

Mr. Carter appeared in public at the memorial in a wheelchair with a blanket over Rosalynn’s legs. “He’s finally coming, and he’s physically shaken,” his uncle Jason Carter told the New York Times before the mass. “But I think he was proud and happy to be with her until the end, and there was no way he was going to let that go.”Jimmy Carter Health

After her passing, Carter released a statement saying, “Rosalynn was my personal guide in everything I did. She guided me with wisdom and encouraged me when I needed it. When Rosalynn was on earth, I always knew who I was. I needed it.” and she supported me. The couple has been married for 77 years, the longest relationship between the first couple in the United States.

The couple’s first daughter, Amy Carter, read a letter Mr. Carter wrote to Rosalynn, who served in the military for more than seventy years. He writes in the letter: ” When I left, I tried to convince you that you are not like that, that you will not be as sweet and beautiful as you remember. But the sight of you makes me love you again.” You? I do not think so.”

Carter’s Hospital Care

Jimmy Carter Health the 39th President of the United States, was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and underwent surgery to remove his liver.

That same year, doctors reported finding “four small mounds” of melanoma on his brain.

After months of treatment, Carter was officially declared cancer-free.

The Carter Center reported last month that after several “brief hospitalizations,” the longtime president of the United States had decided not to accept “alternative medical care” and would be treated at a Georgia hospital.

“He has the full support of his family and medical team. The Carter family requests privacy at this time and is grateful to his many loved ones for their expressions of concern,” the Carter Center said in a statement.


Q1: Who is Jimmy Carter? 

A1: Jimmy Carter was the former President of the United States who served from 1977 to 1981.

Q2: What is the Carter Center? 

A2: The Carter Center is an organization founded by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter in 1982 that focuses on humanitarian issues.