Top Tips for Choosing the Best Yoga Bolster

Best Yoga Bolster helps to calm our minds, increase our flexibility, and to enhance our core strength. However, anyone who has ever practiced this lifestyle for an extended period of time is well aware of why choosing the appropriate equipment is critical. Two of the most common items are yoga mats and yoga bolsters.

Simply stated, a yoga bolster is a cushion that helps to provide physical support when executing specific poses. They can also offer practitioners a greater degree of balance; always a wise choice when dealing with more complicated positions that may need to be held for long periods of time. This is why choosing the right type of bolster is wise. Let’s take a look at some of the factors which you should take into account.


Some individuals consider hardness the most crucial factor when choosing the best yoga bolster for their needs. Why is this the case?

We need to remember that stiffer bolsters offer more support. This could be a great option for those with weaker midsections or who may be recovering from an injury. softer designs are more comfortable and yet, they are not capable of supporting as much weight. Physically try out the bolster in question to better determine if it will offer the support that you require.

The Size and Shape

Most bolsters are either rectangular or cylindrical in shape. The main intention here is to be able to (somewhat) conform to your body when performing Benefit of yoga exercises. The shape often is a matter of preference. Some individuals enjoy the traditional cylindrical design while others are keen on purchasing a rectangular unit.

Size is an obvious concern if you will be transporting your bolster from place to place. Extremely large cushions can be difficult to manipulate and they may take up an inordinate amount of space on the floor (not the best scenario if you are in a class with many other students).

The Bolster Filling

Bolsters can be filled with a variety of materials. As you may have already guessed, each substance will provide its own benefits. Some of the most common fillers include synthetic polyester fibers and organic materials such as buckwheat. Polyester will provide you with a softer feel while buckwheat tends to be heavier and stiffer. Buckwheat is also considered to be the most traditional type of filler on the market. However, this natural filler can be slightly more tricky to care for; moisture may lead to problems over time. Once again, base the type of filler that you desire off of the observations mentioned above.

The good news is that there are many different types of bolsters to choose from. As these are also relatively cheap accessories, feel free to perform additional in order to better understand which configuration is the most appropriate. A bolster that is properly cared for can last for years at a time with few issues, so you should be quite happy with the overall results!