Reasons Why It Is Important To Receive Routine Mammogram Screening

According to, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives. While this may seem like a scary statistic, it is important to remember that early detection through screenings such as mammograms can save your life. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of routine mammogram screenings and why you should consider getting one if you have not already. So, without further ado, here are some reasons why you should get a mammogram:

Lumps Can’t Always Be Felt

Breast cancer is often characterized by the presence of a lump or mass in the breast tissue. However, it is important to remember that not all lumps are cancerous, and many women who have breast cancer do not experience any lumps at all. This is why mammogram screenings are so important, as they can detect abnormalities in the breast tissue before they can be felt by you or your doctor. Other signs of breast cancer, such as pain, changes in the skin, or discharge from the nipple, can also be detected through a mammogram. While it is important to do a manual self-breast exam every month, it is not always possible to feel everything, which is why mammograms are essential. In addition, breast cancer can grow and spread quickly, so it is important to get screened on a regular basis to ensure that any abnormalities are caught early.

If Caught Early, Breast Cancer is 99% Curable

According to the American Cancer Society, if breast cancer is caught early (before it has spread to other parts of the body), the survival rate is 99%. This means that getting a mammogram can literally save your life. In addition, treatment for early-stage breast cancer is often less aggressive than treatment for breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. This means that not only is your chance of survival much higher if you catch breast cancer early, but you are also likely to experience fewer side effects from treatment. If caught early, breast cancer surgery is often all that is needed to treat cancer. So, even if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, there is a good chance that you will be able to beat it and go on to live a long and healthy life. In addition, the earlier breast cancer is caught, the less likely it is to come back. 

Can Save Your Life—and Your Breasts

If we sum up the previous two points, it is clear that getting a mammogram can save your life. However, it is important to remember that breast cancer treatment is not always successful. This means that the earlier you catch breast cancer, the better your chances are of beating it. In addition, early detection through mammograms can also help to preserve your breasts. If breast cancer is caught early, it is often possible to treat it with surgery without having to remove the entire breast. This means that you can maintain your natural appearance and avoid the side effects of a mastectomy, such as Lymphedema. In addition, many women who undergo mastectomies choose to have reconstructive surgery to restore their breasts. This surgery is often very successful, but it can be expensive, painful, and time-consuming. So, if you want to keep your breasts, getting a mammogram is the best way to do so. 

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It’s Fast

Mammogram screenings are quick and easy. The entire process, from start to finish, takes about 30 minutes. This includes the time it takes to check-in, change into a gown, have the mammogram, and change back into your clothes. So, you can easily schedule a mammogram during your lunch break or after work. In addition, most health clinics offer mammogram screenings on a walk-in basis, so you don’t even need to make an appointment. 

It’s Painless

While some women may experience some discomfort during a mammogram, the procedure is generally not painful. The technician will place your breast between two plates and then compress it in order to get a clear image. While this may be uncomfortable, it is only temporary and should not last longer than a few seconds. In addition, the technician will try to make you as comfortable as possible by positioning you in the best way possible and using a pillow to support your breast. When you receive your mammogram results, you will be able to see for yourself that it was worth a few seconds of discomfort. 

It’s Free

In most cases, mammogram screenings are free. In the United States, Medicaid and Medicare cover the cost of mammograms for women over the age of 40. In addition, many health clinics offer free or low-cost mammogram screenings. Also, there are often programs that provide free mammograms to low-income women. Whether you choose to get a mammogram at a health clinic, hospital, or breast cancer center, you should be able to find a location that offers free or low-cost screenings. So, there is no excuse not to get a mammogram. 

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have had a mammogram and that everything is fine can give you peace of mind. This peace of mind is priceless. Imagine how you would feel if you found out that you had breast cancer. Would you be relieved that it was caught early? Or would you be regretful that you had not gotten a mammogram sooner? Getting a mammogram is the best way to ensure that your breasts are healthy. In addition, it is important to remember that breast cancer is not always curable. Even if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, getting a mammogram can help to ensure that it is caught early and that you have the best possible chance of beating it. 

So, there are many good reasons to get a mammogram. If you are over the age of 40, it is important to get a mammogram every year. If you are under the age of 40, you should talk to your doctor about whether or not you should get a mammogram. But, regardless of your age, if you have any concerns about your breast health, you should always see a doctor. And, if you want peace of mind, getting a mammogram is the best way to get it. So, make sure to schedule your mammogram today. Your breasts will thank you!