Mymedicalme -How to use mymedicalme com login and set up

The ease of managing and handling your online medical bills and other hospital bills can be a blessing in disguise for the patients and relatives of the patients. One such excellent solution we found quite effective and interesting is MyMedicalMe.

MyMedicalMe is actually an online patient service company and has been involved in providing helping out the patients in making their payments online without any hassles. In essence, it does provide a self-service portal for the patients for getting access to enhanced service quality in terms of enjoying the best possible experience in terms of making payment of hospital bills in time and with ease.

MyMedicalMe – What it is?

MyMedicalMe is an online portal that assists you in maintaining your hospital and medical bill payments well ahead of time in a very profitable and effective manner. What makes it even more effective and efficient is the fact that in addition to assisting you to make the medical bill payments, the service also helps you in several other areas that are related to the hospital bills or other medical bills.

A few of the benefits offered by the MyMedicalMe service can be summarised as viewing the recent activities, taking medical bills payments, viewing payments made in the past, and checking your transaction history.

One of the best aspects offered by the MyMedicalMe service lies in the fact that it is available 24 x 7 and simply requires the users to log in with their user name and password to conduct their transactions or any other activities. Of course, the service also lets you make the payment without the need to sign in to your account, but the payment will not reflect in your transaction history.

The portal can be a great way to pay your NPO medical abbreviation and hospital bills online without any sort of hassles from the comforts of your home. This will simply avoid the need for standing in the queue and wasting your time and efforts.

What are the benefits and features offered by MyMedicalMe?

MyMedicalMe does provide you access to several benefits and features in carrying out your transactions without the hassles of any nature.

Some of the features offered by MyMedicalMe can include

  • You can have a complete and clear look at the medical bills or even the hospital bills that you have received.
  • You can also view and manage your bills
  • You may also print the bills if you are in the need of producing the same for any of the requirements you may have.
  • The portal lets you share your complaints if any with the authorities through the MyMedicalMe portal.
  • Check, manage and change the payment methods used on the portal.
  • The portal also lets you update, change or edit your contact details and the address details on the portals right away.
  • You may also modify the notification settings in tune with the personal requirements you may have.

Some of the benefits offered by the MyMedicalMe can include a few of the following –

  • It does provide you with a safe and secure way to make your medical and hospital bill payments.
  • You can even use it for finding the best doctors and other specialists available and get access to the best possible payment.
  • It offers you the safest and most secure means of making payments without having to spend the whole day or even a part of the day making your payments. Your transactions are completed within a few minutes right away.
  • You can get access to faster and simpler bill management without heckles and difficulties of any nature
  • Efficient customer service throughout the 24 hours is yet another prime factor that takes your experience well ahead.

How to use MyMedicalMe login and set up?

Well, MyMedicalMe does provide you with a benefit that you might not find on most other services. It lets you make the Myaarpmedicare and hospital bill payments without the need to create an account. Of course, creating an account can have several positive benefits and is exactly what we would recommend, but in case you are in a hurry and need to make the payment on a device that does not belong to you, use the payment option without logging in may be a good idea.

Having understood that, let us now understand how to log in to your MyMedicalMe account. Before learning how to log in to your account, let us understand how to create your account on MyMedicalMe.

1.      How to create an account on MyMedicalMe?

The steps involved in how to create an account on MyMedicalMe can include –

  • Launch any of your favorite browsers and visit the site
  • You should directly be taken to the Login screen


  • Since you do not have an account already, you will need to create an account or register yourself on the MyMedicalMe service portal.
  • Click on the Register button at the bottom. You will be taken to the registration screen.


  • Enter the relevant details in the space provided. You will need to have access to the following data ready and handy when registering your account on MyMedicalMe
    • Last 4 digits of your phone number
    • Last 4 digits of your social security number
    • Your date of birth
  • Enter your email address, login credentials, and your desired password.
  • Click on Validate and if the details you have provided are correct, the account will be created right away.

How to login to MyMedicalMe?

Once you have registered and created your account successfully, the steps involved in logging in to your account should rather be extremely simple and easy to follow.

  • Launch any of your browsers
  • Visit the site at
  • Enter your username and password in the space provided.
  • Click on Login and you are good to go.

How to Pay Medical Bills through MymedicalMe?

You can easily make your medical bill payments using the MyMedicalMe portal with a few easy and simple steps. Some of the steps involved in the process of making payment through MyMedicalMe can include –

  • Visit the official MyMedicalMe site and log in to your account.
  • Click on the Make Payment option
  • Provide the details as per your bill
  • Click on the Continue option
  • You will now be directed to the page where you will find the details of your medical bill
  • Click on the option for Make Payment
  • Enter your card number and card details
  • Click on the option Pay to initiate payment.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the payment.

How to contact MyMedicalMe?

Well, as you have might have clearly found out, MyMedicalMe does provide you enough options for streamlining your medical bill payments or even hospital bill payments without any sort of hassles. While the customer care service offered by MyMedicalMe is available 24 hours a day, you may not need any sort of assistance in most cases.

However, just in case, you come across a situation where you find the need to get in touch with the customer service from MyMedicalMe, you can easily get in touch by following several methods for the purpose –

  • You can contact them on the phone at 1-866-770-2116.
  • You may also contact them through email at [email protected]
  • For retrieving your username and password, you can contact them at 1-866-770-2116

The Concluding Thoughts

That was the complete information on MyMedicalMe and the benefits offered by the service. The discussion here should have provided you with enough information on how to make the best out of the MyMedicalMe service and get the best benefits from it. We do assume that the information shared here would be helpful for you in getting the best and most out of the prime benefits offered by MyMedicalMe.

If still, you have any queries, you can share your questions through the comments or get in touch with MyMedicalMe directly using the contact information shared above.


What are the methods to pay online at

You can make payments using any of the credit and debit cards from recognized financial institutions.

Is it safe to use MyMedicalMe?

Yes, MyMedicalMe is 100 percent safe and secure and you need not worry about any of the issues with respect to the use of the MyMedicalMe service. The service is trusted and recommended for making your payment by several users from around the world.

Can you remember the bill payment dates on MyMedicalMe?

You will get instant notifications with respect to the pending payments from medical and hospital authorities. You will be able to make instant payments right away.

What if I forgot my Username or Password on MyMedicalMe?

In cases where you have forgotten the username or password on MyMedicalMe, you can easily recover it by calling up at 1-866-770-2116. You may also drop an email at [email protected] to retrieve your username or password

What if I do not want to register online on MyMedicalMe?

If you do not want to register yourself on the MyMedicalMe, but still want to make payment of your medical and hospital bills online on the service, MyMedicalMe lets you do that as well. You can make your payments without the need to sign in to your account.