Mandala tattoo – mandala tattoo designs for ladies

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mandala tattoo have become really famous and a lot of people are getting tattoos for many different reasons. Sometimes they want to express themselves or their artistic freedom or celebrate a new change in their life and for doing that they get a tattoo.

A tattoo can be made for any reason be it attention or artistic freedom or rebellion or also a display of some private narrative or reminder of any tradition.

Here is why people get tattoos :

  • A lot of research has shown that a large number of people go for tattoos because they feel more secure when they get a tattoo
  • It is also to remind themselves of anything which they want to maybe a past relationship or some religious scripture or ancient saying or even the names of their love interest or somebody from their family.
  • Sometimes people also use tattoos so that they can exhibit their exhibitionist’s side and also promote their identity with certain group affiliations.

What tattoos tell about people 


  • Researchers have shown that people with tattoos are more likely to be thrilling and also love adventure.
  • People with tattoos also are believed to be more interactive with relations to higher risk behaviors.
  • It is also believed that adults who get tattoos are more active sexually than those who don’t have tattoos.

However, there is a general stigma in relation to tattoos and those men and women who have better body appreciation and lower anxiety levels always seem to have some tattoos.

Some personal reasons why people get tattoos


  • One of the reasons why people get tattoos is because they want to get something personal or meaningful to them and this is what is reflected from the type of Mehndi design that they get
  • Many times people simply get one because they like the look of it and so they wanted on their bodies.
  • They also get a tattoo because it expresses their individuality and to do so they must get one for themselves.
  • Many times people get tattoos simply because they want to express their rebellion. Getting tattoos is a way of keeping off against a perception that is made about a particular person. Many times people who turn their backs on cultural upbringing also get tattoos or they may even get sport tattoos to point out that they are not going to conform to their professional expectations.
  • Many times people also get tattoos for cosmetic reasons. They right want to cover certain imperfection which they do not visually like on their skin. They may even do so to hi there stretch marks or beauty marks or even discoloration.
  • Many times people can simply get a tattoo because they want to get the unique experience of involuntarily subjecting themselves to pain for some hours. They just want to get over their fear for which they can get a tattoo.
  • Sometimes people also get tattoos in order to celebrate fandom because they may be hooked on to something that they want to commemorate by getting a tattoo. It could be an actor book a song or anything of such manor. Just like we wear a shirt of a particular brand to show that we support them similarly we can also get a tattoo to celebrate fandom.
  • People also get tattoos because of sentimental reasons. Sometimes people get one when they’re feeling very emotional or vulnerable and in order to order the death of somebody who is close to them or to celebrate their love interest.
  • Also, some people consider tattoos to be the artwork and they just consider it as something very beautiful and this is the reason why they get these pieces of artwork onto their bodies. They could choose designs that Portray artwork and This is why in order to get their own identity they might get tattoos.

There are many psychological reasons as well as why people would get tattoos. Sometimes the sense of belonging can lead to a person getting a tattoo or even feeling less fear of death. Risk takers and thrilled people also may get star tours. Tattoos could also be a sign of uniqueness or assign to put Ray’s anger. They can also be miss interpretations of addiction or a way to show deviancy. It can mean an expression of something for some people and it can also be significant or in memory of some people or also as a personal reminder.

Significance of Mandala Tattoo

  • One type of tattoo with endless variety is the mandala tattoo which is known for its unique meaning and symbolism.
  • This type of tattoo is considered to be a meaningful tattoo as the mandala is the Sanskrit word for a circle and it is composed of many different circles that are overlapping and unique designs represent the balance and eternity.
  • Mandala symbolism has always been seen even in art and architecture as well as religion and when somebody chooses that as a tattoo it is just a way of showing the meaningful existence of life in balance.
  • One of the most popular types of tattoos is the Lotus mandala which is a very ancient Indian design and is a symbol used for meditation as well as healing. It is extremely unique as it carries the sacred ties of geometric symbols.
  • The best placement of these star tours is considered when they are combined with feathers and they can be dedicated to family members such as your mother. The common placement is either in the chest or back for men and thighs for arms and shoulders in the case of women.

You can hunt your ideas on Instagram or other portals in order to understand which mandala tattoo you want to get as there are a lot of ideas. Now it easy one finger tattoos have become very famous and so have ear tattoos but before getting one you must do proper research on what kind of tattoo you are looking for and what is going to add more to you aesthetics and persona.