Glo— Unlimited Access to Online Yoga and Meditation Classes

Online Yoga Do you intend to start practicing meditation and yoga to improve your mental and physical health? You’re not alone. Many people today are turning to yoga to strengthen and maintain their overall health. However, life offers many hurdles that make it difficult to find time to take classes. That’s why you need to find yoga and meditation classes that offer you the freedom you need. With flexible meditation platforms like Glo online yoga, you can choose when and where to take your lessons. They also allow you to access your favorite classes via your laptop, desktop, or any other mobile device.

About Glo

Glo is a website developed to simplify the process of accessing a range of quality guided classes. It aims at helping people utilize and achieve their full potential. The platform lives up to its mission statement that focuses on creating compelling and accessible application tools that help people break barriers to their physical and mental health. The tools include world-class teachers and unlimited yoga classes to guide and improve your body and mind. Glo focuses on providing flexible courses that you can access on any of your Apple devices. Similarly, you can download the Glo app on your Apple TV and enjoy your favorite lessons in the comfort of your home.

Similarly, Glo offers guided online yoga that you need to focus and relax your mind. Glo online yoga classes are designed to ensure you feel the benefits on a personal level. They increase mindfulness, thus helping you feel better and connect to the present life as well with the people around you. Consequently, relaxing your mind and body helps reduce stress, anxiety, calm emotions, and improves your attention span. Lowering stress can help improve your mental clarity, happiness, and enhance weight loss. Also, some studies show that practicing some aspects of yoga can subsequently boost your immune system, which can help fight diseases.

Learn from the Best Instructors

Glo is equipped with world-class instructors who provide you with exclusive guidance and support you need to progress in mind, heart, and body. The teachers are highly qualified with vast experience in yoga, meditation, Pilates, and beyond. Most importantly, Glo online yoga allows you to choose your teachers when taking your classes. You can learn about the teachers’ expertise and personality at the platform website or official application. The good thing is that you can learn about the teachers before subscribing for your monthly membership. Perhaps, the best part about Glo is their free trial. The 15 days trial enables new members to determine if online yoga is effective. Additionally, you can cancel your membership any time when you need a break.

Guided Classes

Glo provides guided class programs that are customized to take you through the journey. There is a range of classes for all experience levels, and you have the opportunity of choosing your favorite. Whether it’s mindfulness basics, inversion, inviting deep sleep, or lifting, the dedicated instructors offer you the support you need throughout the journey. With more than 4,000 classes, you can also choose your favorite category that works for you by setting your own schedule.

Several inspirational yoga classes can help you reduce stress and relax. They include Reclined Relaxation for Sound Sleep, which allows you to lie back and progressively relax your body. This practice offers a peaceful transition into sleep and helps you feel relaxed and restored. The Yoga Nidra for Emotional Balance is another guided yoga that explores the emotions you’re attached to and helps welcome them. Lastly, the Guide Yourself to Sleep enables you to relax while seated or lying down to ease yourself.