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Felix Wheeler is a retired bodybuilder with the IFBB Professional Open Division. He has won several major bodybuilding titles and has been described by Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the greatest bodybuilders in history. Here’s his complete profile, bio, training regimen, diet plan, etc.

Past life

Kenneth Wheeler was born in Fresno in the state of California.

Lack of money and physical violence have made him miserable everywhere, making his living conditions very poor. It severely damages his mental health, leading to suicidal thoughts.

But young Felix found martial arts and weight training a positive place, both of which went into adolescence. Wheeler, however, describes himself as “the first martial artist and the second bodybuilder.” He competed in the bodybuilding stage and won several martial arts competitions.

But he has to choose between bodybuilding and martial arts, as the former gives him more opportunities and opportunities. Martial arts will help him get the discipline he needs to improve bodybuilding and vice versa.

Flex got its nickname (Flex) because it had excellent flexibility and exercise ability, not that he was a bodybuilder who broke his muscles as a career option.

flex wheeler In high school, she weighed 98 pounds / 44 kg and earned the title of Sakini Kenny. Even after graduating from high school, it weighs 98 liters. He was so thin that he feared his size would severely injure him when he went to a football game.

“I was so young and thin that my school insurance would not cover me because I was too risky.”

So he started weight training at school and fell in love with it. Her father also sold her a 110lb / 49kg plastic kit. At the time, he wanted to push a 110-pound bench, but he couldn’t.

We all know the rest of the story because Wheeler became the greatest bodybuilder of all time. Even 7x great Olympian Arnold Schwarzenegger said Wheeler was one of the greatest bodybuilders he had ever seen, and he was not alone.

Flex Wheeler Competitions and career

flex wheeler first competed in 1983, but his first victory was the 1985 young Mr American average height. In 1992, Flex won his professional card at the USA Heavyweight Championship.

After a short career as a police officer, Wheeler focused on becoming a professional bodybuilder.

This will be the beginning of his legacy with the 1993 Arnold Classic win. The second significant event after Mr Olympia, and this was the record for winning an Arnold Classic at the time.

He also won the Arnold Classic in 1997, 1998 and 2000 and was a five-time winner of the Iron Man Pro, including first place at the French Grand Prix, South Beach Pro Invitation, Knight of Champions and Hungarian Grand Prix.

The “Dmitry Sultan”, as he became famous, was the runner-up of six-time Mr Olympia champion Doreen Yates at the 1993 Olympics. Their result that eight times in 1998 and 1999 differed from Mr Olympia’s Ronnie Coleman.


Unfortunately, Wheeler never won the Mr Olympia title. Many believe he is an unforgettable Olympian champion, Shane Ray, Kevin Leverkusen, Lee Priest and other stars.

He retired in 2003 and returned to the Classic Fitness division in 2017 but finished at 15, the last time he officially finished the competition. Felix Wheeler is a figure in the bodybuilding world and was born out of this sport. Its size and development will permanently be imprinted in the minds of its competitors, current competitors and fans.

Flex Wheeler Training System

Flex Wheeler gym was an incredible sight to see. He trained extensively with his senior coach, Charles Glass, and often accompanied IFBB Pro Chris Corner.

Below we present some exercises from the days of Flex Olympia.

Back workout

 Wide-grip pull-ups

 Landmine rows

 Cable V-bar lat pulldown

 Smith machine underhand stiff-leg deadlift

 Smith machine overhand stiff-leg deadlift


Chest workout

 Incline barbell press

 Incline dumbbell fly

 Hammer Strength incline press

 Standing cable chest fly


Legs workout

 Leg press

 V-squat/hack squat machine

 Leg extensions


Shoulders workout

 Chest-supported reverse dumbbell flys

 Smith machine upright rows

 Chest-supported dumbbell front raise

 Smith machine shoulder press

 Standing reverse pec Dec superset w/ machine shoulder shrug

Arm workout

Most wheeler exercises include supersets, including the following activities.

 Cable close-grip triceps pushdowns

 Single-arm preacher curl

 Machine dips

 Cable single-arm forward-leaning triceps rope extensions

 Dumbbell concentration curls


Wheeler continues to train even after learning to use his prosthetic leg and walk again. This is the true meaning of burning up bad psychic imprints.

Personal life and achievements

flex wheeler Since his retirement, Wheeler has been involved in martial arts and specializes in various camps, Campos and taekwondo. Most people don’t know this, but they competed in the 2005 Arnold Classic.

In 2007, freelance journalist Rod Lab interviewed Flex in the Iron Man magazine’s Bodybuilding Legends series. Entitled “Yesterday and Today”, he covers his broader profession and explains how

Myth can overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties.

Flex is a partner of AAEFX and currently holds an executive position as director of media and public relations for All American EFX, a sports nutrition company based in Bakersfield, California. Flex has its product line with AAEFX called “Flex Wheeler Signature Series”. In addition, he runs a sponsored player and can be seen in many of the company’s commercials.

In 2000, Felix was included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Car accidents, health problems and amputation

In 1994, he had a fatal car accident that could paralyze him. It all started again, and the remarkable speed returned to the game’s top.

In 1999, Wheeler was diagnosed with focal section glomerulosclerosis, a form of kidney disease. Despite media speculation about the cause of the failure, Wheeler revealed that the condition was genetic rather than subjective. Wheeler retired from professional bodybuilding in 2000, but he continued to compete until 2002. In 2003, she underwent a kidney transplant.

After problems following emergency surgery, Wheeler’s leg was amputated in 2019. He looks like a half-man, but he has grown big overall and has had an artificial leg since then.

Felix won the Olympia Award for the first time for his fighting spirit and motivation during his health challenges.