People working in an office often experience back pain since they have to sit at one place for hours together without breaks. Work pressure and deadlines make it practically impossible to take care of one’s body. Therefore, back pains are typical for people in their early to mid-thirties. If one doesn’t actively change one’s lifestyle to take care of his health, the back pain may lead to severe consequences. People often use over-the-counter medication to get instant relief without investigating the root cause of the problem. Continue reading this article to learn more about how you can incorporate a healthy lifestyle and take care of your back health.

Sleeping Pattern: After a long day of work, you come home and spend time on the couch watching TV. One may spend a considerable amount of time on an uncomfortable sofa only to binge-watch that new series. But eight hours of sleep is crucial for the body, and physical rest is required to rejuvenate and recharge the body.

  • Use a firm mattress that lets you sleep comfortably. You may purchase a smart mattress that comes with customization sleeping numbers. Or you can directly get an old-fashioned firm mattress that supports your spine as it should.
  • During sleep, keep your spine naturally aligned. Make a habit of lying on the back, as it lets one rest the spine on the mattress. You may place a pillow under your keens to reduce direct stress on the spine. Many use neck pillows for additional support. Find a posture that you feel comfortable in.

Daily Exercising: One cannot stress enough the value of physical exercising in maintaining one’s health. The human body was created to move around and not be stationary for hours together. Therefore, one must take the initiative and do light exercising every single day. Studies suggest people who suffer from obesity experience excessive back pain. Sudden falling and injury may cause an annular tear in the ligament that connects the vertebra to one’s disc. Daily exercising can drastically reduce the chances of obesity and diseases related to the same. If you are not a fan of going to the gym, you can always try Yoga to get in shape.

Choose The Right Shoes: Ladies, it is time to ditch the stilettos and put on a comfortable shoe. Not everyone realizes this, but back pain is often caused by wearing the wrong footwear. If you spend a considerable amount of time wearing in the shop, be sure to pick a shoe that fits perfectly to avoid pronation or supination. A fit shoe should support your spine and lower back.

Enjoy A Good Massage: Do you feel your tissues getting stiff? Do you experience muscle spasms after a long day of work? Well, maybe it’s time for a relaxing massage. A trained therapist can provide you with a therapeutic massage that helps relax the muscles, eliminating the tension built in the lower back and the spinal cord.

Practice Good Sitting Posture: You’ve heard it many a time, and it is worth repeating. You must pay attention to the way you sit. If you have a bad posture, it will affect your spinal cord in the long run. When you work over a desk, be sure to sit straight without leaning over. You can instantly feel the positive effects of a proper seating posture.