Blood sugar over 500 what to do

Blood sugar over 500 Are you worried about how to keep the blood sugar level normal? Well, spend some time and read the things mentioned here. This will help you in many ways and lead a path to live a trouble-free and healthy life. In the present era, diabetes becomes one of the common and frequent diseases among people regardless of age. Even though having diabetes is common, you should maintain it without crossing the borderline.

The situation when your blood sugar level crosses the mark of 500 you are actually in the trouble. In fact, this is a medical emergency and you need medical assistance as soon as possible. In case, the blood sugar level is getting high continuously, you have to follow certain things to reduce the glucose level in the blood. Before knowing those things, take a glance at the importance of glucose levels in the blood.

The significance of the blood glucose level

Glucose is one of the types of sugar found in the bloodstream. The main energy source of the human body is blood glucose. Having a healthy blood sugar/glucose level is highly significant to optimal health as well as survival. Usually, glucose in the blood starts to rise after a meal as the pancreas releases insulin to assist the body cells utilizes the glucose of energy and fuel.

In case, if someone is a diabetic patient, his or her pancreas secretes low to no insulin into the bloodstream and the glucose level begins to high. When it is not treated appropriately with the insulin injection, then the glucose level can rise over 500 quickly. If the Blood sugar over 500 then it is considered to seek medical assistance immediately.  Or else, it will affect your kidney, heart, and eyes.

How to reduce the blood glucose level

One of the important aspects of diabetes management is blood sugar control. This is why the doctor sets the individualized glucose level goal, which keeps the blood sugar level constant. Keep in mind that reading higher than the targets signifies your blood glucose level is not under your control. However, if the reading reaches 500, you must contact the contact.  When you do the following things properly, your glucose level will never reach 500.

Stay hydrated always

One of the effective therapies for reducing blood sugar is water. The diabetic patient should drink an adequate amount of water at a regular interval. It is better to drink at least 3litres per day. In case, when your Blood sugar over 500, drink more amount of water.  Make sure that you should not feel sick and drink water slowly. Actually, this reduces your blood sugar level by some amount prior to reaching the stage of medical assistance.

Walk regularly

Do you know that walking assist pancreas to release insulin? No matter, whether you walk on a beach or within the room, the insulin production will be increased. As a result, the level of glucose in your blood will be minimized.  When your blood sugar count reaches 500, you should walk for 30 to 40minutes. This will be helpful and make you avoid an emergency situation. However, it does not mean you have to overstrain yourself by walking more than average. In fact, it can work against you, and may lose consciousness.

Stick to medication and diet plan

Plenty of drugs is available in the market to assist control blood sugar. Taking the medication as a direction is important to get recovery from this problem.  Remember that you should skip the doses. When you stick to the medication plan properly, you will see a better result in your blood glucose level. On the other hand, you should eat healthy meals every day at the same time to keep your glucose level steady. Additionally, meal consistency and routines aid severe hunger, and medications work better.

Taking a warm bath

One of the best ways of releasing insulin is taking a warm bath. Make sure that you are taking warm bathing not hot bathing. A warm bath for 15minutes typically reduces the blood glucose level by a considerable amount. Having a warm shower makes you relax and feel better. Hence, try to take a warm bath at least thrice a week for a better result.


Using insulin injection, the rise of the glucose or sugar content in the blood is easily reduced. If your body does not have sufficient insulin generation, the doctor will advise insulin injection to bring back the glucose level normal state. Insulin injection gives an instant effect but the dosage of the insulin is highly important. You can face adverse effects in case of excessive insulin dosage. Although insulin injection gives some instant relief to your high glucose level, you must call your physician to get the medical attention immediately.

Electrolyte substitutes

On the market, you will find many electrolyte substitutes, which assist you to remain hydrated. If you have a knack of ketone generation in the blood, then hydration is highly essential. Electrolyte hydration will keep you hydrated efficiently and quickly. It also assists your body to reduce the glucose level. However, you should reach the doctor in case of emergency.

Dangers of the sugar count over 500

The Blood sugar over 500 is a medical emergency, which has some serious medical implications and even causes death. As mentioned already, having optimal blood sugar is vital for health as well as survival. If the sugar level is over 500, then you will face the following health consequences.

  • Retina damage even leads to blindness
  • Nerves damage especially in the feet and legs
  • Heart attack and stroke
  • Causes hypertension and high blood pressure
  • Kidney failure
  • Nerves damaged the autonomic nervous system and lead to gastroparesis
  • Causes atherosclerosis, which reduces blood flow to vital organs such as the brain and heart
  • Diabetic cardiomyopathy, which is the inflammation of the muscle tissue in the heart

Blood sugar over 500 Do you really wish to avoid these medical conditions? Then, you must check your blood sugar level often and keep it under your control by following the aforementioned things and the doctor’s advice.