Why You May Feel Lethargic Lately

Everyone has days that they feel exhausted. Experts explain that possible causes of feeling lethargic include underlying medical conditions, caffeine intake, chronic stress, or sleep disturbances. While it may feel normal to feel tired from time to time, chronic fatigue can harm your quality of life and prevent you from enjoying things you love. Let’s understand why you may be feeling lethargic lately.



As a woman, when you approach menopause, your hormone levels fluctuate dramatically. Hormone level fluctuations can cause your brain to wake up at all hours at night, while lower levels of progesterone can make you short-tempered and less able to relax.

You are also likely to feel tired during menopause as the hormones regulate the cellular energy within your body, and changes in their levels may make you feel exhausted for no apparent reason. To deal with menopause fatigue, create time for regular exercises, develop a good sleep routine, downsize your meals, and take a meditation break.


Feeling tired all the time is a common symptom of depression. When you are depressed, energy levels drop drastically, and the feeling of profound loneliness and sadness can propel fatigue. Depression also affects the quality of sleep, where you find yourself taking longer to fall asleep or stay asleep. 

When you are depressed, you might also have less appetite, skip some meals, or have an overwhelming desire to consume only sweet foods with less nutritional value. Depression is the core of depression fatigue. Therefore, looking into ways to help treat your mental health above anything else is essential. 

There is comfort in knowing that there are ways to treat depression. In addition, various treatment types offer different approaches to dealing with depression symptoms such as fatigue. 

With patience and commitment, therapy can be helpful, or you may want to consider medication. Natural methods for treating depression include regular exercise, adopting a nutritious diet, and developing good sleep habits.

Being in the Sun for Too Long

A little exposure to sunshine has benefits such as boosting Vitamin D and creating ideal weather conditions for outdoor activities. It also comes with setbacks such as sunburn and the feeling of a must-nap now. 

Rising internal temperatures can cause Sun-related fatigue due to heat from the sun. During fatigue, your body struggles to maintain its temperatures. Hence, it uses a lot of energy, thus increasing body metabolism.

We risk damaging your eyes whenever you get outside in the sun without protection. Tired eyes, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light might have plagued you at some point. You can wear sports sunglasses to avoid over-exposure to bright light that causes tired eyes. Sports sunglasses have adequate UV protection that makes it easy to see in bright sunlight and prevents the urge to squint or frown better than the standard frames.

Sleep Disorders

Like proper diet and exercise, sleep is essential for good health. Good sleep improves your mood, brain performance, and general health. You risk many diseases and sleep disorders when you don’t get enough sleep. 

Inadequate sleep can cause severe conditions such as heart disease, stroke, obesity, and dementia. Lack of sleep can also make you too tired to even participate in simple exercises. Sleep disorders are conditions that interfere with your sleep or prevent you from getting enough sleep. Common sleep disorders include insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, and sleep apnea. These conditions can cause daytime sleepiness, tiredness, and other symptoms. 

You may develop a sleep disorder if you regularly experience difficulty falling asleep and often feel tired during the day even though you sleep up to seven hours the previous night. You also develop sleep disorders when you notice a reduced ability to perform daily activities. Experts recommend that you sleep at least seven hours to stay healthy as an adult. If you suspect you have a sleep disorder, seek help from a healthcare professional. 

How Tired is Too Tired?

If you’ve been feeling overly tired lately, know that you are not alone. However, chronic tiredness can harm your quality of life even though it’s normal to feel tired from time to time. 

While in most cases, fatigue is remedied by modifying your diet or lifestyle to improve fatigue, you need first to find its root cause. So, before you think of treating an underlying health condition, work with a professional to determine what makes you tired.