Why a Custom Made Night Guard Works Better Than OTC Guards

Nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching negatively affects millions of people per year.  Many people wonder where to find the best night guard for teeth grinding.

What’s the difference between OTC night guards (mass produced) and custom made guards?

In this article, we explore why a custom made night guard is the top performer on the market. 


An affordable solution for teeth grinders available online

When you want to protect your teeth against the irreversible effects of involuntary teeth grinding, the best option is to choose a custom dental night guard.

A custom night guard is for those who want to protect and preserve their teeth, and save on huge dental bills that would likely incur in the future if the teeth are left unprotected. Instead of paying dental office prices, you can now order online using direct lab services.


Ordering your custom night guard online

You will be sent a DIY teeth impression kit with everything you need to take a nice cast of your teeth. After taking your teeth impression you will send it to the lab using a prepaid mailer enclosed in your kit.

Once the lab receives your dental impression, your custom made product will be created and mailed to you! The great news is, you save a bundle and never have to leave your home! 

Why avoid OTC mass produced “one size fits all” night guard types 

The reason behind the high dissatisfaction rate amongst most of the OTC night guards available is because these are not designed from a mold of your teeth and not crafted by a professional mouth guard technician.

The fit of an OTC (over the counter) night guard is often too loose and uncomfortable. The plastic used is cheap and not as durable as dentist quality material. 

Another downside to buying the $30 night guard over a custom made guard is the inability to verify the safety of the material used. You will want to make sure your night guard is BPA free and safe for nightly oral use.


Types of night guards offered

The most common types of night guards offered are the hard dental night guard, dual laminated night guard, and the soft dental night guard. Each one of these come in varying thicknesses & material.

Which do I choose?

The decision to choose a particular night guard over the other depends on your dentist’s decision and your degree of bruxism. Your dentist can determine whether you’re an intense, moderate or light teeth grinder and suggest the right night guard type for you. 

How it works

The function of a dental night guard is simple. The night guard for teeth grinding simply creates a space between your upper and lower arch. This way, your teeth will not come into contact with one another. It really is like wearing a glove for your teeth!

Again, custom night guards are made from a mold of your teeth with the best material. The fit will be snug and comfortable.  

Custom Night Guards vs OTC Night Guards

Customers can enjoy the fact that custom night guards are far superior to stock and boil & bite models. They’re the highest tier in mouth protection and outperform cheaper options.

What does this mean?

  • highest quality mouth guard material for extra durability
  • professional, knowledgeable mouth guard technicians creating products from your unique dental anatomy
  • trimming, scalloping and polishing method to ensure top comfort
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

What’s more: All excess material is removed during fabrication for utmost comfort. This makes talking, breathing or even swallowing easier for the wearer.

It only makes sense to protect your teeth using a custom made night guard rather than wasting money on ill-fitting stock types. 

Wearing a night guard is preventative and will save you from costly tooth repairs in the future. Protect your teeth and smile knowing there are affordable options for your next custom night guard purchase!