Where ROMTech is Going and Where They Have Been


ROMTech, launched in 2016 in Fairfield, United States, by Peter Arn (current CEO) and Sanford Gomberg. They took on the challenge to make a device that could help with rehabilitation remotely. With patients at the time having to travel to and from appointments they wanted to look into helping this situation get better.




With this new technology, patients can now recover more quickly from home. The technology they produced was promising, but it had to compete with similar technologies offered by other businesses.


They opted to collaborate with medical professionals to evaluate the device’s effectiveness. The ROMTech Total Knee program had to pass a series of examinations to ensure that it does not just aid in faster recovery of damaged lower extremities.


Although the primary goal of their Telemed Technology was to aid in treatment delivery, it also had to be easy to use. The technology involves patients using their gadgets at home while their doctors monitor their performance and development remotely.


The system had to produce correct results in real-time to guarantee that it delivered relevant data and statistics for physicians to assess their patients.


With promising technology also comes the need to ensure that it continues to be developed and perfected. ROMTech’s founders had to find third-party partners who believed in the technology and had the means to ensure that it was manufactured to high standards.


The company’s goal is to reduce trauma, pain, and discomfort through rehabilitation systems that are efficient, effective for patient use, cost-effective, and provide better patient outcomes while simultaneously lowering rehabilitation and overall faster recovery times.


Taking Orthopedic Care To The Next Level


A lot of excitement accompanied the debut of the ROMTech PortableConnect. The device, which had already amassed thousands of pre-orders worth upwards of a projected $80 million in Annual Recurring Revenue at the end of 2020, was anticipated to not only gain tremendous traction but also change millions of people’s lives over time.


The PortableConnect’s early adopters were crucial to the product’s success and continuous development. Over 500 doctors recognized the device’s potential and joined ROMTech’s Intent To Prescribe (ITP) initiative, including this medical technology.


By the middle of 2021, when commercialization was complete for the ROMTech PortableConnect, more specialists had heard about and were using PortableConnect as part of their treatment regimen.


Faster recovery solutions


ROMTech has created and patented a suite of ground-breaking rehabilitation solutions, positioning the company at the forefront of the telemedicine revolution, one of the fastest-growing parts of the healthcare industry. Faster Recovery is the company’s guiding philosophy, ensuring that patients access cheap and practical solutions that help them regain full range of motion, mobility, and independence.


The efficacy of rehabilitation devices continues to be a massive success for ROMTech. The company is positioned to witness exponential growth for the next 30-plus years as the population ages and telemedicine solutions become more critical.


Now is the best moment to get in on the most significant improvement in inpatient rehabilitation in the industry’s history. ROMTech has revolutionized physical therapy by allowing people to utilize adaptive technology to enhance their healing and mobility with faster recovery times.


They recently exceeded the 7,000 mark regarding patients who have benefited from their revolutionary technology. It may have grown in popularity, but it had to go through some teething problems like other new technology. Dr. Bedikian believes that developments in robots, which allow for higher accuracy in all surgeries, will be a part of the future of orthopedics.


Artificial intelligence is also being employed in orthopedics, and it is expected to play a significant part in future treatments. Joint replacements will become more precise in the future, with faster recovery, minor discomfort, and fewer surgical complications, as well as remote therapy for minor disorders connected with joint replacement.


Leader in Orthopedics


While the ROMTech PortableConnect solidifies its place in the orthopedic rehabilitation market, it’s worth noting that several non-orthopedic doctors have joined up for this initiative. These doctors include the best cardiac surgeons, neurosurgeons, long-term care physicians, pulmonologists, oncologists, and physical therapists.


The desire to prescribe the PortableConnect to the thousands of patients served by these various doctors bodes well for the remote care technology provided by the ROMTech PortableConnect.


ROMTech will continue to be a part of the changing landscape of orthopedics and medicine across the country, with a successful initial rollout and a growing number of physicians signing up to be a part of the faster recovery revolution.