Top 10 Gifts for Your Yogi Friend

Yoga Mat

Yogi Friend possibly has a yoga mat already, but does he or she have one that features your favorite picture of you both? Or their name in large but beautiful lettering? Browse the wide range of yoga mats to see all the available options, from a denser foam to a distinctive texture that will allow for a firmer grip during those tricky poses.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are highly versatile during yoga sessions, allowing practitioners to enhance and perfect their positioning, their stretches, and more, realigning painful joints and allowing for improved, pain-free stretching.


Another versatile addition to any workout, straps can work to help stiff joints and inflexible spines feel the tug of healthy exercise without incurring injury. The straps can help to achieve positions to improve flexibility so that ultimately they can be done away with – or used again as the exercises become ever more challenging.

Yoga Pants

You can never have too many pairs of yoga pants and they come in a fabulous range of shapes, lengths, and colors. Buy a pack for your friend, or take them shopping and treat them to their must-have pair.

Gift Voucher for Clothing

Or, if you are not sure what their clothing preferences are, you can buy them a gift voucher for a sports clothing store, so they can choose from vests, yoga pants, grip-footed socks, and even sports bras if they want to.

Yoga Wheel

A yoga wheel is quite a new trendy addition to a yogi’s set-up and consists of a wheel about a foot in diameter and four inches wide. The user places a foot or hand on the wheel and allows it to stretch their body out to a greater extent than they could manage alone. This is best for more advanced users who are aware of their own limitations and will not injure themselves by attempting overly ambitious exercises before they are ready for them.


An exercise ball is a fun way to build core strength, almost without realizing it. Give your friend a ball – they come in differing sizes to cater for people who are short, tall, or anywhere in between – so that they can enhance the effects of their hard work during sessions.


These shaped pillows are very handy, especially if your friend is expecting a baby or doing yoga to regain strength and mobility following an accident or injury. They can be used to support the body so that the exercise is achieved without causing stress or pain.

Sports Bag

Once they have accumulated several of these useful yoga aides, your friend might not be able to carry it all-around easily. Invest in a sturdy sports bag that will take their yoga clothes and shoes, as well as their mat, deflated ball, blocks, and anything else that they might need to enjoy their yoga sessions to the max!

Yoga Dice

Self-taught yogis might really love these dice. It can be hard to self-discipline oneself to stick to the same routine day after day, especially if you are easily bored. Using a set of yoga dice, your friend will be able to put together a comprehensive and yet completely unique routine for each day! Each of the seven or nine dice features a position or exercise, and another dice lets you know how many sets of each exercise you should do: a good work out with no cheating to choose preferred exercises will result in a very happy yogi indeed!