America has a problem with obesity. When you stand on a busy street in New York, you see so many obese people struggling to walk down the road. Statistics suggest more than fifty percent of Americans have dealt with obesity at some point in their lives. It makes you wonder, how did things go so wrong? What makes people fat, and why is it so hard to lose excess weight? Gaining weight around the belly can cause various issues such as fatty liver and more. These issues, if unchecked, can lead to bigger problems. Therefore, losing weight becomes absolutely necessary. Continue reading this article to learn practical tips that will help you lose excess body fat faster.

Intermittent Fasting: You need to watch what you eat if you want to lose weight fast. You cannot expect to lose body fat if you keep on following the same food pattern. Intermittent fasting allows one to stay fit and burn fat. It is a type of fast that you keep for 12 to 16 hours every day. Suppose you had your dinner at 8 o’clock at night, now you will not eat anything for the next 12 hours. If possible, skip breakfast and go straight to lunch. This way, you can fast for sixteen hours at a stretch.

  • When you fast for more than twelve hours, your body taps into the body fat to keep you energized. Therefore, you burn your fat faster. You can use this method to lose weight if you have a fatty liver.
  • While on Intermittent Fasting, you cannot eat snacks every now and then. You can, however, take medicines and drink water and coffee during the fast. This type of fasting aims to reduce the glucose level in your blood.

Diet: You are what you eat, so be conscious about the things you put on your plate. If the goal is to lose weight, you cannot eat carbohydrates. It will be difficult for one to change his diet completely. But, to see positive results, you must modify your food habit. Wrong food habits can lead to a thyroid problem. One might wonder how to help heal hypothyroidism naturally. When you develop thyroid, you have trouble sleeping at night and experience anxiety and irritability. Losing weight is often one of the common problems associated with hyperthyroidism. Here are ways you can ensure losing fats while maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Have a cup of black coffee in the morning. Next, drink a glass of milk and eat three boiled eggs. You can also consume peanut butter to gain healthy weight.
  • Many people think eating fatty fish will make you gain weight. But, the truth is quite the opposite. You need healthy fat in your body. So, make sure your diet is protein-rich. For lunch, you can have boiled chicken or fatty fish. Consume 250 grams of fish or meat of your choice. Add beans and leafy greens such as kale, broccoli, cauliflowers, and lentils to your diet.
  • Skip the sugar and sugary drinks for good. Avoid bread and rice.