The link between sleep apnea & erectile dysfunction

Overview about sleep apnea

Sleep apnea occurs whenever there occurs the constriction of the airways of an individual at night. Due to this sleeping ailment, the individual is not capable of breathing properly at night time. This form of the disease occurs when an individual’s muscular system of the throat passage is not capable of maintaining the openness of air passage when they are sleeping.

What is central sleep apnea?

Another condition is considered central sleep apnea. The brain portion which is playing a crucial role in maintaining the process of breathing at the time of sleep is affected in this particular disorder. The airway passage blockage in sleep apnea may take place due to several of the causative factors which include elevated blood pressure, cardiac issues when the treatment of such underlying problems doesn’t take place. This particular condition is fatal when not cured properly as there could be a stoppage of the breathing process in the patient while sleeping.

Causative agents of sleep apnea

Thus, sleep apnea takes place due to the constriction of the airways and there can be several reasons which can be cited for this blockage. This is a potentially dangerous disease and can lead to several other chronic health syndromes, for example, hypertension, cardiac issues, under the condition when it is left untreated.

When no curing of this disease takes place, there can be an arrest in the normal breathing mechanism during the nighttime. Thus, patients with this particular sleep disorder will be finding high-end difficulty in breathing properly at night. At the same time, the individual will be feeling tired all throughout the day as well. It can occur in people of any age group, however, it is more frequently occurring in the aged, who are obese, enlargement in tonsils, having deformity in the neck structure, or there occurs constriction in the nasal passage.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual ailment in which the individual faces hardships in achieving and at the same time sustaining the erections, considerable enough for the desirable sexual intercourse. There are many causative factors that are responsible for this sexual syndrome but at certain times, sleep apnea can be the cause. There are around 20 million individuals who are suffering from sleep apnea in America alone. Around 18 million males in the US are struggling from the condition of frequent erectile failures. The researchers have realized that the occurrence of these two syndromes is not something that is coincidental. Treat Erectile Dysfunction with the help of Cenforce 100 and Fildena 100. It has been found that exhaustion in the individual taking place due to this chronic sleeping disorder may lead to sexual dysfunction.

The linkage between sleep apnea and ED

The association between sleep apnea and erectile failures can be attributed to the level of testosterone hormone. The production of testosterone hormone takes place during the night time and the people who are suffering from sleep apnea have reduced levels of this sex hormone. It is this particular hormone that is playing an extremely vital role in the maintenance of normal sexual functioning in males.

Therapeutic remedies for sleep apnea

The therapeutic remediation action for this particular sleep disorder pertains to creating openness in the airways in order to facilitate the person to breathe properly during the night time. The treatment for this sleep disorder is dependent upon the underlying symptoms. This can have also the inclusion of the alteration in the lifestyle like losing excess weight, control in the smoking and consumption of alcohol.

Methods to cure sleep apnea

Device administration

There can be certain devices that are administered as a therapeutic remedy for example mouthpieces in order to facilitate more breathing during the night time.

Surgical process

In case the individual is suffering from chronic sleep apnea and other therapeutic remedies are not working properly, then the surgery could be one of the provisions. Through the surgical process, there can be either adjustment to the airways or the removal of enlarged tonsils.

Relation between sleep apnea and testosterone

When the individual is cured of the condition of sleep apnea, then this leads to the restoration of the hormone testosterone in the body and can also help out in the reduction in the symptoms of erectile failures, curing impotence.  Scientific studies have already determined that a clear-cut link is existing between sleep apnea and frequent erectile failures in males. Although the exact cause of this association had not been found there is extremely strong evidence pertaining to the linkage between the two disorders.

When the individuals suffering from sleep apnea were treated and cared for, their ED symptoms improved significantly. This is due to the enhancement in the level of testosterone along with the oxygen concentration in the body. In case, you are facing the issues of sleep apnea and are having frequent erectile failures, then it is very important to visit your healthcare specialist as soon as possible. Vidalista 60 best medicine to treat Ed. The therapeutic remediation administered for curing sleep apnea will not only be helpful in relieving out the symptoms of erectile failures but will also serve as a preventive measure for several other chronic health syndromes like cardiac issues, hypertension, etc.


The condition of sleep apnea can cause a decrease in the level of the sex hormone, testosterone in the body which can lead to the symptoms of impotence. So, many people who have been suffering from sleep apnea reported abnormality in erectile functioning. However, the good thing is that both of these conditions are fully treatable. Thus, it is important for the individual who is suffering from sleep apnea to see the doctor as soon as possible and get the most appropriate therapeutic care.