Snake tattoos – what does a snake tattoo mean

Snake tattoos have always been a permanent feature in the tattoo industry. Whether it’s a traditional American style made of roses, skulls and daggers, or an elaborate pink piece with a mandala, cotton, spaghetti, phoenix or geometric tattoo art, it’s resilient with full symbolism.

Although it may have some negative connotations, it has many positive connotations in different cultures worldwide. In the same way, they can represent everything from tattoos of real raised animals to simple, beautiful works. If you’re looking for ideas, check out the designs below. We recommend that you read more about the date and the symbols you wish to use.

Snakes in Mythology from China to Egypt

Snakes are one of the oldest symbols used in mythology, religion and art. Accordingly, it appears in Egyptian paintings being one of the most important symbols of the Bible. In China, it is one of the signs of astronomy – it is said that all people born under the sign of the snake are very wealthy and lead a good life (for people born in the year of Leo). ,

Culturally, snakes may be seen as enemies or friends in some parts of the Earth and symbolize life or death. A binary part. Interestingly, even before the fear of snakes, people considered snakes the creator and protector of mother earth and humanity. In ancient civilizations, snakes represented various deities and described countless patterns. However, they were often good workers before apostasy with the help of Abrahamic religions.

Christians see it as a dangerous and confusing animal. Remember that the devil-like snake brought Eve to the Garden of Eden. Although some snakes are very venomous, they are sacred animals. In many myths, the serpent is a symbol of the underworld. In other cultures, snakes are associated with wisdom and knowledge, as in ancient Greek mythology.

In some African societies, especially in Nigeria, rock snakes are considered sacred, and they are prohibited from killing them.

In East Indian mythology, the Sanskrit word for snake is naga and is associated with the water element. From this point of view, the Nagas are seen as the feminine side and have human and understanding characteristics. To this day, it is a common Hindu concept that all snakes hold all water sources.

In ancient Aztec tradition, the great god told people to settle in a place where they would find an eagle that ate a snake sitting in a cactus. The location is now Mexico City. Most of the symptoms associated with snake bites are due to the dissolving properties of the snake’s skin, which is a sign of rebirth, transformation or eternity.


The ouroboros (depicted eating a snake’s tail) is an ancient symbol originating in Egypt and may represent a period of life, death and rebirth. It symbolizes the changing seasons of life and the cyclical nature of the universe.

Medical Symbol

Snakes have two medical characteristics – a cane and a knife. The club symbolizes a small piece of wood attached to a snake, sometimes surrounded by wings, while a portion of a scalpel is attached to the snake. Moses used a bronze snake standing on a pillar to treat people eaten by snakes in 1400 BC.

What is the symbol of each snake?

Snakes have different meanings in different parts of the world. Some local people consider the totem animal a powerful symbol in their dreams.

Here are some common interpretations of snakes in the media and culture:

Rattlesnake tattoo meaning

It is called a “crackle” and symbolizes strength and green. It is related to the rain caused by a strong wave of lightning entering the Earth and giving rise to life. Ralph represents death and change as poison can turn life near the end.

Meaning of cobra tattoo

The most venomous snake is the cobra, and the cobra is considered the most venomous snake in the world. In India, the cobra is regarded as a sacred and endemic totem. It is a symbol of power, and many legends say that Lord Buddha took shelter from the Sun during his sleep.

In Egypt, the cobra represented many ancient gods, and Cleopatra is associated with her, but she is said to have used the cobra’s venom to end her life. The cobra found in Tutankhamun’s tomb is considered a protector.

Viper Tattoo Meaning

Snakes are considered traitors particularly, and various symbols are associated with snakes:

  • Baby snakes symbolize children plotting against their parents.
  • In the 16th century, the snake symbolized a simple woman eager to beat a man.
  • Snakes attack. Naturally, it is part of their nature to argue with them; they are so deadly that they make them common enemies.

Python Tattoo Meaning

In many African religions, snakes represent something sacred and revered.

Such beliefs and religions still exist in Nigeria. In these places, killing a snake is forbidden and often attracts severe suffering, such as funerals of a slain snake.


A snake tattoo is a very proportionate tattoo that can be applied to any body part, depending on the size. Small snake tattoos are usually used on the neck or face, and the snake’s large eyes are mostly seen on the biceps or shoulders.

Some species of large snakes, such as pythons, are effectively used for snake tattoos all over the body, ranging from sheep to legs. Japanese snake tattoos are usually made on the sleeve or part of the whole back.

Its potential is also demonstrated because it can be as small as a finger tattoo, with a tiny font representing a snake.

Snake tattoo ideas

To help you find your next tattoo design, we have found the best snake tattoo ideas via Instagram.

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