what is sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry may seem like a new phase of advance dentistry in this era but it has been available for quite some time through progressive dental practices and technologies to help dental patients overcome their fear and anxiety during a dental treatment session. Many consumers are fearful of experiencing pain during their dental session even though it is the noisy drill or wash that causes such anxiety when the dentist is highly skilled in every dental movement.

Favorable Impact of Sedation Dentistry

Dental patients who are anxious about experiencing pain during their dental treatment should consider Sedation dentistry expertise where she is skilled in administering this procedure aptly for her patients’ comfort and relaxation. The application of sedation is now commonly available at established Toronto dental clinics to help many patients to overcome their fear of dental treatments.

With the proper application of sedation dentistry at well facilitated dental clinic in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, patients are able to complete their needed dental treatment effectively in a few visits without hiccups or anxiety. The treatment session would seem very short with the essential amnesic effect on sedation medications.

Patients could rest at home to enjoy a full recovery from the amnesic effect after the dental treatment which is good for a total healing of any wound. Patients would be up and about the next day when the full effects of the sedative wear off completely.

Possibility of Undertaking Sedation

Professional dentistry services include the detailed evaluation of the patient to be a potential candidate for sedation dental procedure. The good dentist would check if the patient has:

  • A gag reflex
  • High degree of fear or anxiety
  • Had traumatic dental experiences
  • Have extremely sensitive teeth
  • Extensive dental issues
  • Difficulty responding to sedatives
  • Phobia for needles and shots

Sedation is applied at different levels depending on the patient’s level of anxiety which could range from mild to severe. Every reputed dentistry Toronto clinic is well equipped with the best of facilities and equipment to handle sedation dentistry procedures on any type of dental treatment a patient may require.

It should be noted that not all dentists are capable of administering sedation dentistry procedures as this practice poses a strong challenge to qualified dental providers who are unfamiliar with the sedation doses and patients’ health and dental conditions. This is where experienced and reputed Toronto dentists should be consulted if sedation is preferred in any dental treatment. Care and caution must be aptly exercised in administering sedation dentistry on any patient with in-depth evaluation of the patient’s ability to handle the sedation prior to the dental practice and treatment.


Dental patients who want sedation dentistry for fear of pain in their dental treatment should consult a professional Toronto dentist to confirm if they are suitable candidates as every dental procedure may be a challenge to different patients. Experienced and skilled dentists in Toronto must be well versed in such procedures before administering.

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