A brief overview of the MyHR4u portal?


Due to the increasing number of employees across the country, the management becomes difficult and to solve this problem official website of food Lion MyHR4U was launched now the employees can easily manage the works of store conveniently. With the MyHR4u portal, the employees of Food lion can sign up in the portal and be able to see the necessary details such as insurance, leave days, pension details, and compensation information at their homes.

In this detailed article, we have provided all the important details of the MyHR4U official portal such as eligibility, how to register yourself, steps to log in on the MyHR4U portal, How to change your password, and the silent features of MyHR4U.

What is Delhaize?

The Delhaize America household of supermarkets consists of Food Lion and Hannaford. Delhaize America and its grocery stores use more than 95,000 affiliates and also operate on more than 1,300 shops. Their supermarkets are operated in the 10 states in the south united state and mid-Atlantic region.

What is Ahold Delhaize

Ahold Delhaize is one of the leading food retailer organizations which serves great local brands to more than 50 million shopkeepers in the United States and all parts of Europe. Its headquarter is located in Mass, Quincy, and N.C city. It is operated in 20 states with more than 2000 active stores.

How to log in on the official MyhR4U portal

The account of every worker of Food Lion is created by the administrative workplace when their information is being examined with their Social Security Number. This step certainly develops a momentary password that can be changed by the worker according to their choice.

You require to follow the given steps to log in to MYHR4U the Food Lion portal as an employee and also make use of the service given by it. The actions that you require to follow are given below

Step 1 First of all you have to visit the official portal of MyHR4U which is https://ws4.delhaize.com/. Also, you can find this website by simply searching MyHR4U official website on your browser.

Step 2 After opening the portal you can see the login option of the homepage click on that.

Step 3 After that enter your login details which you have received in the office where you are working. You can also change this temporary password later.

Step 4 After entering the password click on the Login button. Now you have successfully logged in on the portal and are eligible to avail all the services and details.

What are the requirements for MyHR4U?

1.You can access the official portal with any electronic device including Desktops, laptops, or smartphones make sure the device has a proper internet connection.

2.The supported browser to access the MyhR4U portal is Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

3.Make sure you are an active Delhaize food lion employee.

4.First of collect All the necessary details such as Associate ID,  password, social security number, and Location code from the office through admin before landing on the official login portal.

How to change the password on the MyHR4U portal

If you are a new user then surely you have got a temporary password. Now if you want to change this password according to your preferences then follow the given steps. The process is the same if you want to update your password after forgetting it.

Step 1 Open your web browser and visit the official portal of MyHR4U which is https://ws4.delhaize.com.

Step 2 After that you will get forgot my password option on the homepage click on that. You will be redirected to the new window where you have to fill in your necessary details to verify your account.

Step 3 Now enter your personal details including Associate ID, social security number, Location code, address Zipcode, and then fill the captcha.

Step 4 check all your details are correct or not then click on the Next button.

Step 5 The window will open where you can change your old password.


Some Great features of MyHR4U portal

The official portal was launched so that employee can easily manage their accounts, able to change their work profile,  provide updates regarding work and leave online just by staying at home. All the changes made can be saved by the original database and official records of the company. There are some other features also such as:-

1.The employees will get multiple retirement benefits

2.The employees will get health insurance and great medical care benefits.

3.Delhaize America and food lion stores all across the country offer great discounts to all the employees.

4.Employees can manage their working days and transaction history easily.

5.Employees can track the application status.

6.All the important leave days are listed on the official website of MyHR4U.

What to do if you have lost your Associate ID.

Employee associate ID mainly contains personal sensitive information so it is advised to do not to share this with anyone and it is your responsibility to keep safe your credentials because without this you cannot able to log in your account. However, if you have already forgotten your associate ID then you have to contact your office manager or administrative officer they will help you to recover your associate ID. You should note that do not try to attempt unauthorized login attempts to your account it can create more problems.

Final verdict

Delhaize Food lion MyHR4U is an American food network that is spread over 1000 supermarkets with more than 90000 employees across the nation. For proper management of this network, the official portal is created. MyHR4u is an employee portal where active employees can manage and access their profiles just from home. It also enables direct links between employees and HR representatives. This article will definitely help you to provide all the necessary information and be able to solve your queries.