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Mc Callum Physios are health professionals. They follow strict standards of operation and operate in different fields of expertise. Those who have suffered or are currently suffering an injury may need a physiotherapist.

Mc Callum Physios offer a range of services. However, finding the right one for your condition is vital. An inexperienced physiotherapist may cause delayed outcomes, higher costs, and eventually, frustration.

There are several physios in Abbotsford, British Columbia. However, if you are new in the area, you might have trouble locating a reliable one. You can check out McCallum Physio for therapists in the area.

Choosing a therapist that specializes in your condition is best. Below are the four popular physio treatments you should know.

Four Popular Types of Physio Treatments

The use of physical treatments has been on for decades. The procedure has provided several benefits and plays a vital role in correcting defects caused by accidents. There are four popular treatments. Each of them involves a different therapeutic approach and is for specific conditions. However, they all involve exercise. The therapist understands your condition and recommends a series of them in your work plan.

The exercises might include massage, taping, joint mobilization, traction, and others. These are all targeted towards improving your health.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Geriatric treatment procedures are for aging adults. As people become older, their joints and muscles gradually weaken. Geriatricians have the required skills and experience to treat aging disorders like arthritis, incontinence, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. They map out customized plans to restore mobility, relieve pain, and ease daily activities.

Sports Physiotherapy

Athletes require regular check-ups due to the rigorous activities they carry out. Professionals work with sports physical therapists regularly. A reliable sports specialist can help boost an athlete’s performance, prevent harm, and speed up recovery.

Your sports therapists might also carry out regular fitness tests and identify areas of weakness. Some areas identified include back pain, muscle imbalance, tendonitis, or shin splints. They may recommend massage therapy, mobility aids, or stretching exercises. It will help boost your performance and lower the risk of injuries.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

People who experience muscle strains, sprains, fractures, or neck pains can consult an orthopedic therapist.

They have the necessary skills to help with such issues. An experienced professional will diagnose, handle, and treat disorders affecting your motion and flexibility.

Orthopedic treatments involve a combination of stretching and balance exercises, massage, cryotherapy, spine manipulation methods, or heat and cold therapy. Your therapist might also recommend some home exercises together with ergonomic devices for speeding up healing.

Ensure that the therapist you choose specializes in your area of challenge. For instance, some therapists have experience treating female-related issues like prenatal care and PMS. Choosing professionals that do not have experience in your area of challenge may cause a delay in healing.

Pediatric Physical Treatment

Pediatric treatment aims to prevent, diagnose, and treat physical disorders in teens and children. Some include cerebral palsy, developmental delays, muscle disease, or spina bifida.

Pediatric specialists use an organized exercise plan to treat young people. They can help improve your motor skills together with your strength. You can click on to see some pediatric exercises for your kids.

How to Choose a Reliable Physiotherapist in Abbotsford

There are a lot of physios in Abbotsford. Choosing one that is best for you might be tasking. However, these five steps might help you choose better.

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Check Their Qualification

The last thing you want is to receive treatments like this from unqualified therapists. You should first check for accreditations and qualifications before booking any appointments.

They are to have at least a first degree from a recognized institution. You can check the integrity of the institution if you desire.

Area of Expertise

Choosing a professional in your area of challenge is necessary. Choosing a specialist in a different field from what you need might not produce the best results. For instance, you should not consult a sports therapist for a pediatric problem.

Ensure you know what condition you are facing and consult the right physiotherapist. For instance, those recuperating from heart surgery should see a cardiovascular therapist.

Location of the Clinic

Here is another major factor you should consider. If your condition requires long-term therapy, you should consider choosing a clinic close to you.

If you are also facing musculoskeletal issues or trying to recover from surgery, choosing a physio near you is best. You may not be fit to drive for long or jump buses. Thus, a nearby clinic is appropriate.

Treatment Techniques

Traditional treatment procedures include massage and movements. However, there are recent alternative treatment procedures used today.

Some popular methods that therapists use include acupuncture, reflexology, hydrology, and more. However, you can choose an alternative treatment procedure for your condition. Some clinics might not offer those alternatives so, you can find out before proceeding. You can click here to read about some physiotherapy procedures.


Finally, find out the schedule of the specialist. You do not want to be on a waitlist while needing professional assistance. You can choose a physio with more therapists. With more specialists, you have a better chance of getting quick attention.


Accidents and injuries are inevitable. Sometimes we do not recover, leaving us with scars and defects. However, some physical treatment procedures can help correct defects from accidents. Physiotherapy is the term to describe it.

There are various kinds of physical therapy. They include Pediatric, orthopedic, cardiovascular, sports, and more. Before choosing a specialist, ensure that they have experience in handling your condition.