Jacob’s ladder Piercing – what is a jacob’s ladder piercing

Jacob’s ladder Piercing Piercing People of today who are obsessed with tattoos, piercings or any body-style modifications. A majority of people see this as an effective way to express themselves more clearly or to express themselves more clearly, and others simply enjoy the excitement of these actions.

Piercings are quite popular in recent times. People aren’t content with just one or two piercings and they keep going for numerous times.

In this regard, there are piercings that can be inserted in your penis too. This is probably the most painful idea for almost every man out there. If there’s one thing you’d like to keep safe, it’s your penis. Jacob’s ladder is a kind of penis that is piercing.

Learn more about this exclusive trend and the process behind Jacob’s Ladder piercing works.

What Is Jacob’s Ladder Piercing


Jacob’s ladder is an genital piercing for males comprised of a set of frenum piercings which give the appearance of the ladder. It is performed by piercing the base penis shaft through the loose skin that is in the area. A captive or barbell bead ring is cut through the shaft.

The piercing that this woman has is the second most well-known after it was the Prince Albert perforation. It was first developed by the United States. It was first performed in the region of the shaft (foreskin) but today it is being done in various penis areas.

These piercings can be quite intense and give a lot of people nervousness just considering it. There are some strong-minded men who wish to experience an enjoyable time in their lives. They are of the opinion that Jacob’s ladder’s puncturing gives them an enjoyment in their relationship with their spouses and the latter appears to be enthralled by it too.

But it’s a personal issue as there are real risks in this type of puncturing. It could cause irritation during sexual relations and infection in the region.

The process of Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

The majority of people who want to attempt this type of piercing will only do one at a time. However, some perform more than one until they reach their limit. The more piercings you do simultaneously, the more healing time is needed. A single Jacob’s Ladder piercing costs about $100 and significantly increases with each increase in barbell. We’ll discuss more details about healing in the next section.

A professional piercer will determine the space available for piercings while you meet him. You’ll be able to select the piece of jewelry to be inserted there, which is typically an 11 or 12 gauge titanium barbell, with a bit of additional length to allow for the swelling.

It is the piercer’s job to cleanse and disinfect your jewelry before you’re in the room that the piercing is performed. Keep in mind that you’re accountable for any mishaps and difficulties that occur during this procedure as it is entirely your choice.

You’ll be instructed to pull out your penis and the piercer will scrub it with a surgical scrub and mark the areas that the piercing will be performed. After you confirm that you are satisfied, the piercer will begin to make a piercing.

How Long Does It Take To Heal Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

It’s up to each person on the time of healing for this puncturing. In general, it will take about one and one-half months to heal. It is advised to wait several months without sexual contact of any kind and to begin slowly with your daily routine. If you’re unable to resist the urge to stay out of sexual activities during your healing time it is advised to wear condoms as the area of the pierced part is susceptible to bleeding.

The pain experienced by this piercing can be quite bizarre. It is like an injection , which causes an immediate, painful pain. The same piercing process produces a painful sensation during the procedure, following which the pain is nearly gone. It is advised to seek out a professional when it comes to any type form of perforations.

If the contact with your sexual partner causes you any discomfort, you must be able to stop immediately and let it recover. The rate of healing is also affected by genetics, diet and cleaning practices, as well as the treatment you receive following the piercing. A proper attention and care has been given to ensure rapid recovery.

Comparison with other types of Piercings

The piercing procedure is thought to be among the easiest in terms the placement and difficulty. Some people also aren’t afflicted by pain during it is done because they love the procedure. It’s subjective and individuals have their own opinions on this.

Other piercings are less expensive in comparison to Jacob’s ladder perforation. It’s a fairly new trend in the market today and lots of people are getting excited about it.

Final Words

I hope you feel the excitement and awe reading this piece. My legs literally crossed when writing it. Write your opinions in the comments section.

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