Hydroxycut Vs. Lipozene Results

Hydrxocyut Vs. Lipozene has been raging for years. This is because these two are the top brands on matters of fat burning. If you have considered shedding off some pounds, someone must have named either of these products to you.

Hydroxycut supplement has existed for quite some time and is available in many outlets, both in brick and mortar stores and on online stores.

Lipozene is very common on television and it would be much surprising if you’ve never heard about it. It is also sold online and in physical stores, but there again does this mean Lipozene does work or does it?

Let’s have a look at these two products to help you choose between Hydrxocyut Vs. Lipozene.

What is Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut was first introduced in the market in 2002. It has been presented in different versions each with a different formula. That notwithstanding, all the versions have been great at fat burning.

Hydroxycut contains a good amount of caffeine in each serving which is its core ingredient. It also has some other ingredients that aid the caffeine in the fat-burning process.

Legal Issues And Controversy

Muscle Tech, a producer of Hydroxycut, faced a legal tussle in 2003 when Jay Nixon, the Missouri Attorney, sued for not disclosing the health and other risks of Hydroxycut the company produced. The attorney also claimed the company’s statement that the product was clinically proven was false. After a court battle, the case was settled after a payout of $100,000. in 2003, the company was accused by the New York Times for purchasing the results that showed the drug was ineffective.

Is Hydroxycut effective and safe?

Several clinical studies have been conducted on Hydroxycut that have proved that it is safe for use and is also effective. There are over 20 results that the FDA has released concerning this product and all of the reports show that it is safe.

Side Effects

Being that the supplement contains caffeine, it tends to be addictive. It also has some other side effects such as atrial fibrillation and ulcerative colitis. Hydroxycut should only be used under close supervision by a medical practitioner and only in recommended doses.

What is Lipozene?

The product contains only one active ingredient: glucomannan. This is is the gradient that gives it weight-loss ability. It also contains other ingredients such as magnesium silicate, gelatin, and stearic acid that support glucomannan.

Glucomannan helps in weight reduction by helping you to feel filled up for longer periods. It also helps in reducing the levels of sugar in the blood thus helping with other health conditions. You also learn more about Lipozene through The Hub Post.

Legal Issues And Controversy

Lipozene has not received many legal issues and controversies, save for one producer Obesity Research Institute that has been accused of using unprofessional methods while selling their product.

Is Lipozene safe and effective?

All the studies conducted on lipozene to prove its effectiveness as a weight-reduction supplement has come up with positive results. In a 5-week study conducted on 176 individuals, it was found that lipozene was effective as a weight-loss agent after the participants lost about 1.7 kg each.

In a different study involving 39 participants, the product again proved effective but only when combined with a healthy diet and enough exercise. Lipozene is not only effective for weight loss but also for the reduction of cholesterol levels.

Side Effects

Generally, lipozene is a very safe product and is tolerated well by many users. However, when not used properly, it may stop the assimilation of some nutrients by binding with them. Users may also experience side effects such as stomach discomfort, constipation, nausea, and diarrhea.

If you don’t wash it down with enough water, it may expand in your esophagus, block it and cause you to choke.

The Bottom Line

The choice between Hydrxocyut Vs. Lipozene is quite personal. Both supplements are very effective at their functions and are safe to use. If you don’t have any heart or blood pressure concerns and are looking for some artificial energy boost, then Hydroxycut is the best product for you.

If you are looking for something that can help you feel filled longer and has some other ingredients that are helpful to your body, then it would be fine to consider lipozene.

All in all, these two products have side effects and can also interact with other medicines or supplements. For these reasons, it is advisable to take them only upon recommendation by a doctor. You also need to purchase them only from reputable sources.