Did you know how healthy Hummus is?

Hummus Have you eaten hummus with the famous Pita bread? If not then where have you been all your life? I would be lying if I say I don’t like it, but besides the common agenda of liking a food item, hummus is the most nutritional of most of what we eat in our daily lives. The thick creamy chickpea mash is as nutritious and tasty as it gets. This recipe was originated in the Middle East and North African countries which are now eaten all across the globe. In fact, Hummus is considered to be an ancient food in both of these continents because its recipe dates back to thousands of years ago. It has been speculated that around the 13th century in Egypt a similar hummus like the creamy recipe was famous instead; it was made with tahini and nuts. Hummus is said to be so nutritional that one can survive on it his entire life and not get deprived of any nutrients or minerals.

Today we are bringing to you 8 unknown facts about hummus that will make you want to include hummus in your daily diet. Read on to discover the best-known facts about hummus and its nutritional qualities.

1.Hummus is one of the most plant-based proteins giving the recipe. For starters, hummus has the maximum protein content in the entire list of vegetarian, vegan, and omnivorous list of recipes. The protein intake is appropriate to make you feel full without a hint of space left for any unwanted snack breaks. This means that one will not be overeating and get obese. It has been observed that most people prefer eating it with pita bread which is a whole grain, nourishment providing bread. Hence, hummus and pita bread is one complete meal that does not contain any fats or crabs.

2. Illness and ailments have been ruling our lives beyond our expectations. But what is the main reason behind the fact that we often fall sick? It is the decreasing nutritional levels in our food and our less than healthy lifestyle. Chickpeas, however, are promising of providing the required energy that we are lacking nowadays. In particular, chickpeas have shown great results in preventing colon cancer due to high fiber content and the fact that it is responsible for keeping our digestive system healthy and away from any bacterial infections.

3. The inflammation which we often misjudge to be fat and obese is due to our negligence and eating junk healthy slice of life. Hummus which is made of garlic, olive oil, and chickpeas has inflammatory properties. Garlic, as we know of them, is responsible for improvising the immune system of our body and cure many underlying diseases. According to a study, hummus along with reducing inflammation also reduces blood clotting.

4. According to another study it has been found out that hummus is rich in bone-building materials, such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium, and copper. People suffering from bone deformities and bone weakening conditions are highly recommended to eat hummus in order to maintain their bones.