How to pass a kidney stone in 24 hours

How to pass a kidney stone in 24 hours

There is no evidence that masturbation can cause kidney pain, dysfunction, or stones. First, we must understand that masturbation is not a shame but a basic human need. Masturbation is the process of renewing one’s physical and mental condition. Both men and women use this process to refresh themselves or for fun. It is a common belief worldwide that long-term masturbation has adverse health effects. Many people think that masturbation causes kidney problems. On the contrary, some believe that masturbation is a waste of energy. With the help of our well-researched data, let’s see if there is any validity in this data.

Masturbation involves enjoying your body without a partner. It includes meeting the needs of the body through its members. It is a healthy way to find out your body’s limits by finding its limits. Since most people do not have accurate information about it, there are many opinions on the benefits of avoiding masturbation. There is no basis for abstaining from sex to live a long and healthy life.

Myths about the effects of masturbation on the kidneys

Most people fall prey to misinformation. It is due to the lack of reliable information about sexual health on the Internet. Some of the myths associated with masturbation are:

  • Masturbation causes hair growth on the palms.
  • Masturbation causes an erection.
  • Masturbation reduces sperm count.
  • Masturbation causes a decrease in the penis.
  • Masturbation can damage the kidneys and cause kidney failure or kidney pain.

The truth about the effects of masturbation on the kidneys

The kidneys, located on either side of the spinal cord, are responsible for converting excess waste and water into the urine. The tube through which urine eventually exits is called the urethra.

When a man has sex or masturbates and has a penis, the internal sexual plumbing closes the bladder. The sphincter closes the muscles at the end of the bladder. It ensures that the urine flow in the male sperm cells is not contaminated or impaired. The kidneys, urine, uterus and bladder work together.

Therefore, masturbation does not affect the kidneys. Keep up the excellent manner. Some believe that a lack of nutrients and protein through semen can damage the kidneys. However, there is no solid scientific support for this theory. According to a 1-year study, the ejaculation of semen contains only 1.2 grams of protein.

This amount can be easily met. Therefore, the nutritional loss is not so severe and does not harm the kidneys.

Kidney stone

According to a 2020 study, masturbating 3-4 times a week can help eliminate 5-10mm stones in people with kidney stones. Although there are some interesting observations in this study, more convincing evidence is needed to understand their relationship.

Is Masturbation Normal or Harmful?

Extensive research has been done on this, and from the point of view of health science, nothing can be done except masturbation. Moral doubt is another story; however, it falls into the category of personal preference.

Too much masturbation is another thing. If you feel that this process is affecting your daily life and relationships, you need to think about getting rid of it. However, too much masturbation can cause weakness and fatigue and prevent you from having sex with your partner.

On the other hand, regular orgasms offer many excellent health benefits. Therefore, some masturbation is recommended to maintain mental health and reduce the risk of stress and negative emotions. Masturbation makes you happy because it releases pleasure hormones into your body.

The benefits of masturbation

Solo dating is surprisingly helpful both physically and mentally. Many studies have proven this, focusing specifically on the positive aspects of masturbation. In general, sexual stimulation produces many positive results for humans. So, before we look at any evidence of the adverse effects of masturbation on human health, we need to look at the positive results.

Masturbation and hormones

Masturbation releases healthy hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and so on. When a man reaches orgasm, he experiences the release of hormones that relax the mind and body.

Masturbation and temperament

Masturbation improves one’s mood because it is a process of self-care. Ecstasy makes you relatively happy and promotes good health.

Masturbation promotes attention and productivity.

When the desire for sexual pleasure is fulfilled, the human mind relaxes, and the individual’s brain helps to concentrate more effectively because there is no confusion.

Masturbation helps you sleep.

The quality of sleep improves after masturbation as it relaxes the whole body. When the body reaches the state of orgasm, the physical and mental condition of the person improves.

Masturbation and pressure

Because masturbation helps lower blood pressure, it relieves a person of stress. Studies show that masturbation relieves breathing and relaxes the body. However, the best way to do this is to use other resuscitation tools to achieve a higher quality of life. Thus, there are many physical and psychological benefits to masturbating to human health.

Are there any possible side effects of masturbation?

Masturbation itself is not a cause for health concerns.There are, however, some possible physical and psychological negative effects.

Feeling Guilt

Many people feel guilty after masturbating because of their religious, cultural or spiritual beliefs. Masturbation is a natural and healthy sexual activity, and there is no need to be ashamed of it. If you feel guilty about masturbating, it may be helpful to talk to someone you trust or talk to a doctor who specializes in sexual health.


Masturbation addiction refers to the tendency to masturbate irregularly. There is no medical diagnosis of masturbation addiction, and there is still controversy over its classification as addictive or compulsive.

Symptoms of unhealthy masturbation habits include:

  • Masturbation disrupts your regular routine.
  • It’s hard to stop thinking about masturbation.
  • You masturbate even when you are not interested.
  • You masturbate in public.
  • Masturbation negatively affects your relationships or social life.
  • Masturbation is how you cope with bad feelings.
  • You can cancel masturbation plans or events.
  • Some people can manage masturbation independently, but most people also benefit from talking to a sex therapist.

Physical side effects

For a man with a penis, it is thought that masturbating too hard will weaken your nerves and reduce your sensation. This condition is called “death seizure syndrome”. Over time, this can make it difficult to have sex without repeating the same gestures.

People who ejaculate may have a condition where masturbating with too much pressure weakens your nerves. If you have allergies, you may want to break from masturbating for a few weeks or change your technique to use less pressure.

Frequent masturbation can also cause pain or cough. If this happens to you, you can try taking a break until the pain subsides. The use of oil during masturbation can prevent anxiety from recurring.