How to make yourself sneeze

How to make yourself sneeze with a stuffy nose

How to make yourself sneeze Everyone knows the feeling when you are about to sneeze, but then nothing happens. It must be so irritating. Being anticlimactic alongside it lives you frustrated and anxious. Sneezing can release air from the nose. It is the way by which the body passes the irritating element out of the nasal passage like viruses, allergens, and other irritants. It is typically powerful and can occur suddenly. But sometimes people are urged to sneeze but unable to do so.

What causes the body to sneeze?

When irritants and other viruses enter the nose, they get trapped in the mucus in the nasal passage. The particles can reach the stomach, where the stomach acid can neutralize them. But in some cases, the particles stuck to the nose and throat. This irritation can stimulate the trigeminal nerve, which sends a message to the brain, which triggers the body to sneeze. Other body parts that play a great role in sneezing are the stomach muscles, diaphragm muscle, chest, and throat.

However, you can go for a few tips where you know How to make yourself sneeze

  • Tickle your nose

    start tickling your nose right away when you get that irritating feeling. A tissue can be useful in this matter. You can just twist one side of the tissue, put it into your nostril, and move it upwards, trying to tickle the inside of your nose. For a better impact, you can also do humming while wiggling the tissue.


  • Tickle with a feather

    you can also tickle your nostrils with a piece of feather. But it is not recommended to use real feathers. You can use an artificial feather.


  • Look towards the light

    you can look towards the sun. Bright light can bring How to make yourself sneeze. It is called photo sneezing. Or in other words, ACHOO (autosomal dominant compulsive helio-ophthalmic outbursts) however, is found only in a third of the population in the world. This is hereditary, if one of the parents has it, the child has a 50% chance to get it on heredity.

But you can try this method, suddenly look at the bright light or towards the sun, but remember to close your eyes before you look directly at the light.

  • Get spicy

    pepper can make you How to make yourself sneeze. Spices with a strong smell such as cumin, coriander, red pepper can irritate the nerve endings located in the mucous membrane inside your nose. There is a compound present in these spices called pipeline, which can stimulate the nasal nerves. When you inhale them the first reaction of your nose is to dispel them as quickly as possible.


  • Tweeze nostril hair

    Plucking a single nostril hair can stimulate a trigger to the nerve which can cause a sneeze. Although you have to be very gentle as the nostril is extremely sensitive.

You can also tweeze the brows also. Because nasal nerves run across your brows. Plucking an eyebrow hair can irritate the facial skin which can generate triggers to the nasal nerves. Which results in a sneeze.

  • Tilt the head back

    if you are facing irritating feelings and thinking How to make yourself sneeze you can try tilting your head back. The process is so simple, what you have to do is lean back and look upwards.


  • Chew a stick of gum

    try to chew gum by applying double pressure to it. Like spices, mint also has a strong flavor that can irritate the sensitive nerves of your nose and trigger sneezing in no time.


  • Use the tip of your tongue

    try to run the tip of your tongue up and down to the roof of your mouth. Because the trigeminal nerve runs this way.


  • Use warm water

    a little warm water can simply do the trick. Fill a bowl with warm water and dip your nose. Breathe in little water and quickly tilt back your head. The water droplets can make you How to make yourself sneeze.


  • Message your nose

    How to make yourself sneeze gently rub the bridge of your nose in a downward motion. As trigeminal runs on this path, it can create stimulation. A person may have to experiment regarding which is the best place to massage, how much pressure one should apply, and the amount of time taken to induce a sneeze.


  • Get cold air

    Cold air towards the face can trigger the sneeze. What you have to do is go to a cold area and take in some deep breaths of cool air. If it is not cold outside, you can also turn up the air conditioning or open the freezer and breathe in the cold air. It can stimulate the nerves


  • Have a carbonated drink

    A receptor on the tongue, which is known as the TRPA1 receptor, can be activated by the carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks like Pepsi, thumbs up, and many more. When several receptors are stimulated together, the body can increase saliva and trigger a cough or How to make yourself sneeze.


  • Eat dark chocolate

    Dark chocolate has a high percentage of cocoa which may lead to sneezing. While this tip certainly won’t work for everyone, it does work for some people, particularly those who do not regularly eat chocolate. But the reason is unknown why it stimulates sneezing.

Sneezing is very important for your health. It takes a great part in the immune process. It can protect our bodies from various antibodies. Here are a few facts about sneezing which are:

  • It keeps our body-safe
  • You can’t sneeze when you are sleeping
  • Light can make you sneeze
  • It is fast
  • You can’t sneeze with your eyes open
  • Keeps out antibodies and viruses

Sometimes it’s necessary to trigger a sneeze. Because it can generate a lot of irritation. However there are a lot of processes to How to make yourself sneeze but one must remember that every process does not work for everyone. Because every person reacts differently to irritants. Every other person has a different level of sensitivity to stimulation in their nerves. Few techniques can work better if a person has the flu or cold. Because they have a lot of mucus in their nose which can trap irritants. That is why people with nasal congestion can stimulate their nasal nerves easily. Always be gentle when you are stimulating nasal nerves. One should avoid inserting anything sharp hard to the nose.

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