How To Help Someone With An Alcohol Addiction Problem

Alcohol addiction is even more dangerous than a drug addiction!

In drug addiction, you are sure that there is a problem, and with a little intervention, the patient is likely to confide.

But, since alcohol is a part of social events, a person who is not just drinking but getting drunk with a new addiction; wouldn’t be that keen on accepting that they have a problem.

We have cases where impatience seemed to have no limit with loved ones, and yet the patient wasn’t ready to admit about their alcohol addiction.

So, the first thing you can do is never throw darts in the dark!

If you are worried about a friend or a family member, and you wish to confront them, be aware of all the signs that can prove an alcohol addiction.

Second, do not charge them!

First, accept it yourself and then approach this situation delicately.

Third, do not lose your calm!

Yes, it can be very difficult to hold your patience in front of a stubborn person who refuses to accept, but you have to keep calm and just ensure that you are here with them.

You have to understand the symptoms first if you wish to help. There are many benefits provided by a good detoxification center which can make much of a difference in recovery.

Signs & Symptoms Of Someone With An Alcohol Addiction

These are some of the clear-cut signs of alcohol addiction, as stated by experts. Here is a compilation, and if someone is addicted, they will cross all the points.

Be on high alert about these warning signs!

  1. Hungover Everyday

Yes, they might not agree that they are hungover, but you will be able to catch it with a little observation.

They choose to drink over their job or academic obligation and come to school or office hungover or worse drunk.

This is the first sign someone is already addicted or might be catching an addiction.

  1. Every Occasion Requires Drinking

Every occasion requires drinking, and if there are no occasions, they will find one.

Whether they are stressed or depressed or no matter what kind of issue they have, they will have to drink.

  1. Drinking Alone

You will find yourself drinking alone in secrecy. Alcohol is a social element. You drink when you are with your friends or family at gatherings and events.

If you are someone drinking alone and then trying to hide it, then there could be no warning sign as strong as this.

  1. Mood Swings

When alcohol becomes daily, you will also find withdrawal and urges in a patient. Mood swings and agitated behavior are just the start of that.

Most importantly, these can turn into hostile behavior if they are not treated at the right time.

  1. Isolating Yourself

When they hear too many people warn them about their ‘drinking problem’, they will either disagree completely or start to isolate themselves.

They will not listen to any more criticism and continue with their lifestyle, which is very dangerous.

How To Help Someone From An Alcohol Addiction

Now that you know for sure when someone has alcohol addiction, the next step is to help them.

These are some of the pointers which can help you.

  1. Intervention

This is the first method to make someone admit to their addiction. This is where you create a group of people who care about the patient and then eventually make them talk about their addiction.

This wouldn’t be easy, but with perseverance, you will be able to make them confide in you.

  1. Talk To Them

You have to talk to them

Not charge them with accusations because that would worsen the whole situation.

You must approach the situation delicately and ensure that they understand you are here to help without judgment.

  1. Enroll Them In Therapy

Sometimes, people who are suffering from addiction are not willing to talk about their feelings very openly.

They are reserved because of the judgment and shame they would receive from people around them. So, if it helps, ask them if you could book them a therapy appointment and whether they will be more comfortable talking to a therapist.

  1. Medical Detox

Medical detox is the first step of recovery when the patient finally decides to walk on the path of sobriety.

This is when the person goes through a total cleansing. Doctors and medical professionals prescribe medicines and supervise until the body is cleansed of all the toxins from the substance.

  1. Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation, whether it is inpatient or outpatient, depends on the level of addiction. If it is something too serious, requiring constant therapies and help with withdrawal symptoms, then inpatient rehabilitation is the right step.

The intensity is accessed at the rehabilitation center, and accordingly, they prescribe the right treatment.

  1. Family Therapy

If the patient is someone from the family, then it is not uncommon to have some personal issues.

If just therapy is not enough, and you are concerned, you can enroll in good family therapy and discuss the other conflicts and issues along with the addiction.

  1. Join Holistic Activities With Them

Did you know that activities like yoga, art therapy, and meditation can be extremely beneficial in treating addiction?

Why not join them in these activities as well.

They wouldn’t be feeling alone and isolated through these struggling times of recovery. Plus, you will be concentrating on your health as well while you are at it.

After all, holistic recovery is not just for people who are suffering from addiction. It is for everyone who wishes to stay fit and take care of their body!

You Can Combat Alcohol Addiction!

Alcohol addiction can be fought, and one can combat this addiction.

The only thing left to do is accept the problem. Unfortunately, recovery is quite difficult for someone who is in denial of their problem.

Thus, if you really wish to help them, you have to uphold your patience and get talking.