How to dehydrate mushrooms

mushrooms When we are cooking at home, we use a lot of mushrooms. But many of us don’t go to the store every day to buy mushrooms when we are going to cook them. That’s why we have to stock some mushrooms sometimes for the future. Even when we can get the mushrooms at a discount like in a local store then we always try to buy more.

Some local stores offer sometimes to get more mushrooms at less price. Then none of us don’t try to reject this offer. So, to make these mushrooms long-lasting we have to keep the mushroom dry and dehydrated. After dehydrating these mushrooms, we can stock them for a long period.

Obviously, we need mushrooms in many types of cooking so as the mushroom is an obvious thing then we have to know how we can dehydrate this mushroom to use them for a long time.

How to do dehydration:

When rinsing, make sure to remove as much moisture as you can for a portion-the end period is less hot. Make it short.   We’re making 1/4 of them. Layer size doesn’t matter if the slices are identical. It takes longer than dry, so you need no different sizes.

I dry much of the time I should do it during the night with my dehydrator up to 100F. At higher temperatures, you can do this and have less drying time. You like champagne which is spongy and not spongy.

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. In our sealing vacuum, we stack canning jars with canning jars and inside cover the jars with a gel pack of silicon. This helps the ship to both retain water and hold it longer. We have a bottle that is ready to use in the fridge. We lock it with a rubber gasket in a container with a clamp cover.

Without the vacuum screening, you should put a mason jar with an oxygen absorber as long as you have a tank you can never reach. We store them in a mylar bag with a zip-top for our immediate application.

You can keep these magic mushrooms properly stored, but we could never test them-they won’t last long at home. You can also get well mushrooms on LuckyShrooms If you are using a cheap dehydrator or top of the dehydrator does not matter. I used all of them, and they all work as well, follow these tips on the oven if you do not have dehydration.

The process of dehydration in the oven:

Take out the cleansed mushrooms thin, the oven dryer functions a little better in this situation, so I would hope that you are dry and want to run out of the sun as fast as you can.

Put yourself on a single cookie sheet and don’t touch it. Enable 150 hours to one hour of dryness.

Let them cool off before freezing them. I’ll put them onto tea towels on the counter to make them cool quicker. Hold it on airtight containers in a nice dark spot. If the mushrooms have been dried up, they have a very thick flavor and there are not so many applications.

You may replicate them in a shallow dish with boiling water or storage. I like to throw the dry ones into if you go for a sauce, a stew, or a soup. I’ll rehydrate them first if I put them in a meatloaf or stroganoff.

If the mushroom taste you like but the texture does not fit, go through the same cycle of dehydration, so one step moves further. Bring the umami component with mushroom powder to your recipes and grocery shop. You really can do it on your own. It’s quick, you can freeze the mushrooms for safety if you’re not ready to leap on the dehydrated bandwagon.

Use sun heat to dehydrate mushrooms:

This approach is often time-consuming and works only when the environment is nice. Furthermore, if you do not have the above devices.

You don’t need the finely sliced champagne in this situation. Half of it you should split. Keep the wounds in the best spot. It can be on the roof or close to the window or directly under the sun.

Make sure the sun produces the same heat for all the parts. It does not dehydrate the infection in a single day, but it will take about 2 to 3 days.


As we know mushroom is a common thing, we use in many cooking. Here we learn about some dehydration rules of mushrooms. If we can dehydrate the mushroom in the right way then we can stock these mushrooms for a year easily. Mushroom mainly used in soups sauces and etc. So, as we use it for many types of cooking so this might be helpful for you to know about the dehydration process of mushrooms.

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