How Do Video Interviews Help Hospital Recruitment?

The healthcare industry is drastically changing and the traditional recruiting process for healthcare workers is becoming obsolete. New and advanced technology has enabled hospitals to find top talent for their open positions within a short time. Healthcare recruiters are turning to technology to solve their hiring challenges and problems. Many hospitals have turned to video interviews to secure the best talent all over the world. Video interviews help hospital recruiters to reduce the hiring time, increase the candidate pool to include remote applicants and give in-depth information about potential candidates.

Video interviews can help hospital recruiters screen more than 75 candidates per day, send questions to the applicants and receive recorded responses within 24 hours. They will assist you to identify the candidates that will fit your company culture, create meaningful connections and build winning teams. Tech-savvy health organizations that require top talent from all over the world utilize video interviewing tools and software. The video interview software for healthcare organizations has helped many hospitals to fill positions for nurses, doctors, neurosurgeons and other medical professionals fast, affordably and efficiently.Hospitals that use video interviews benefit from the following:

Lower costs
Candidates don’t have to get out of their homes to attend interviews and will save on food, accommodation and transport expenses. On the other hand, the recruiters also save money because they don’t have to reserve interviewing venues. It also allows both parties to resume their daily activities after the sessions because it doesn’t hinder anyone’s productivity.

Saves time
There are usually hundreds or thousands of healthcare job applicants, which is great because recruiters will have a wide pool of talent to choose from. However, great candidates can be forgotten after the recruiter has interviewed over 50 people for the position. Video interviews help them to go back and watch the interview again to ensure they have selected the best candidates.

Ability to screen remote candidates
Healthcare job recruiters are able to screen candidates from across the world before determining whether they should relocate for the job or not. The potential employees can highlight their skills, experience and knowledge so recruiters can narrow down the selection.

Assessing communication skills of candidates
They can enable you to analyze your candidates’ communication skills and body language. You can observe the way they dress, talk and present their ideas to determine if they would be a great fit for you or not.

Less pressure on candidates
Many great and skilled candidates are usually eliminated early in the recruitment process because they were nervous during the interview. Video interviews help healthcare candidates to be more relaxed and answer questions at their pace.

Video interviews are great for healthcare recruitment because they enable hospitals to get the most skilled healthcare workers from different regions. Moreover, they can ease the communication and scheduling burden on recruiters. Additionally, they reduce the hiring time while enabling recruiters to reach skilled, qualified, and knowledgeable candidates from different cultures, backgrounds, and economic situations. Hospital recruiters should use video interviews to save valuable hospital resources and time.