How blood cholesterol assists many other diseases in men

Cholesterol is a very common word nowadays, but it was not so a few decades ago. Earlier cholesterol was mainly an issue for aged men, but now this spread all over the world. An instance of the insane penetration of cholesterol issues is visible when teenagers and men in their prime suffer from fatty liver and heart attacks. This is a clear indication that something must be corrected before a whole generation becomes cholesterol filled. Cholesterol does not directly cause any disorder because it is not a virus or bacteria. In fact, you would be glad to know that cholesterol is necessary for our body. This is a hard pill to digest but it is true. 

Like any other nutrient, even cholesterol has its importance in the body. One of the major importance of cholesterol is in keeping the body temperature pretty warm. This is more beneficial during the winter season when the outside temperature is very high. The adipose tissues have a layer of fat that prevents the heat from the body to mix with the atmosphere thus, keeping us warm. But its negative aspects are popular because people consume it in excess quantity. Usually, people only know that cholesterol leads to obesity, which indeed is but that’s one of the major diseases in men it can cause. 

Cholesterol if not kept in control can also reduce the ability of men to fulfil their intimate promises. This is why such men then depend on pills like Cenforce 200 mg and Cenforce 150. In this article, we shall discuss the full range of diseases to which a man is vulnerable with increasing levels of cholesterol. 


The first is the most obvious ailment once the cholesterol level rises in the human body. When the cholesterol levels increase it gets accumulated in the body and thus, increases the weight. Obesity is itself the root of innumerable disorders, this is why you would often observe that men suffer from obesity and never only suffer from obesity. But they are also suffering from another disorder along with obesity simultaneously. Mostly the complementary disorder is erectile dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, laziness, skin diseases etc. 

Obesity is so much widespread, especially in the developed world where generally people eat more than they need. In developing and developed nations, the issue is not that prevalent because people there do not get a full stomach meal easily. The worse thing about obesity is that it is spreading to even children, teenagers and young men, thus, when the future of the generation is becoming obese, it is surely a time we need to get alarmed and keep a check on what we eat. 


One may think about how cholesterol levels are linked to sexual strength and impotency. But it is linked very much. Let’s understand this carefully. For the sexual activity to be successful and the partners to attain orgasm both of them need to be excited. After the excitement, the first thing that happens in the body is that blood circulation improves in the whole body. The heart starts pumping more blood and the supply of blood in the lower regions of the body increases. But the cholesterol acts like an obstruction in the path of circulation, many times a thick layer of cholesterol is deposited on the mouth of the arteries that supply the blood to different organs. 

Hence, the blood cannot pass through and the man becomes sexually incapable of performing on bed. Such men required external help like Vidalista 60 from Powpills.

High blood pressure

As discussed in the earlier section that how cholesterol restricts the blood flow in the body by blocking the arteries. Taking this discussion forward, when the blood is unable to reach the organs, the heart has to pump even faster. This creates a situation where blood pressure rises and remains risen for a long time. Hence, high blood pressure becomes a reality for such men. And high blood pressure becomes the reason for hypertension and heart attacks in the future. But these upcoming ailments can be prevented if proper steps for recovery are taken in time. The steps can include getting rid of excess cholesterol by burning it by doing workouts. 

Joint Pain

When the cholesterol is piled up in the body and the man shows no effort to burn the excess of them, it leads to a rise in weight. Thus, the bones in the knees and ankles have more weight to bear which becomes difficult for them. Over the period of months and years, the strength of such bones decreases and they become vulnerable to fractures and pain. Men then keep complaining about joint pain, but they fail to realise that it is their own deposited cholesterol that is showing its results.