How to live a happy healthy life

If you think about happy healthy life in a nutshell, what is it that each and every human seeks? Happiness is what the destiny of our life is. As a matter of fact, happiness comes with healthy living and a healthy body. Unlike the beliefs of people who say money is the ultimate happiness, each and everyone knows deep down that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, health should not be compromised any which way. A great philosopher once said, either take out time in your twenties to invest in your body or else take out time in your fifties to visit the hospital. I am sure most of the readers would agree with the saying because no matter what, everyone is suffering from the guilt of not paying enough attention to our personal temple called a body. Having said that, do you believe that you are living a happy healthy life, at all? Before you say a blind yes, think about the long hours you spend lying in front of your smart TV and the double cheese pizza that you eat first thing in the morning. If this makes you happy, let me remind you that this is not happy healthy life but a compromise.

  • Are you going to live a happy healthy long life?

This is the question of a millennium. The truth is that who does not dream about living a long life for hundreds of years which sages in bygone era lived? It is pretty obvious to dream about the said life but are we doing enough to end up living a long life? The only way to ensure a healthy and happy long life is to inculcate healthy living. Below given are a few points that will help you lead the stairway to ultimate happiness.

  • Start waking up early in the morning and invest the extra time of your day doing something that makes you happy. This is particularly important as you are going to eat a balanced diet in the form of breakfast which is the main important mean of the day. A good breakfast will give you all the energy you need throughout the day. Plus you can always find out some time for workout and everyone knows the benefits of morning exercises.
  • Peace of mind should be your ultimate destiny and seize the same. It feels great when your mind, soul and body are in sync with each other. If you know how to keep yourself cool and calm then you can surely face any kind of stress easily. It is important for you to know that the only antidote to stress and anxiety is keeping yourself mentally and emotionally poised. Make everything easy and uncomplicated. Peace of mind is surely one of the factors to keep yourself successful and happy.
  • Eat good food, that is, fruits and vegetables instead of burgers and fries. Eating healthy food would keep you away from ailments and diseases. Everyone knows but due to the stressful and busy days, people end up gorging on burgers and fries. However it is important to have fruits and vegetables as not only they keep you in good shape but also keep your internal organs healthy. Besides, if you eat burgers, fries and pizzas, all you get is empty calories and a lot of fat but eating natural organic food will give you good calories.
  • Walking should be your best friend as it can give a muscle and strength boost to your body. It also reduces the risk of developing ailments and diseases and increase your stamina. All you need is a 30 minute walk every day to keep yourself healthy. It is best to go for walk at the time of sun rise so you can see the nature’s marvel and can also keep yourself healthy.
  • Always keep a book in your hand. While others would be scratching their heads standing in a queue or in a metro, you will be feeding your head with positive vibes. And then who knows you might be learning new words and end up enhancing your vocab. Surely, there is nothing more comforting than a good book.
  • Try to let go of the hurt that has been inflicted on you. This way you will ensure a long life with no regrets. There is no point moving on in life with the baggage which only pulls you down. Keep yourself motivated and let go of anything which makes you upset or sad. If there is someone who is pulling you down rather than motivating you then you surely don’t need such a person. If you are in a job which stresses you to the core, then there are plenty of jobs available outside. You must do what you feel like doing. If you feel like travelling, just save and travel. Meet new people, make new friends, and enjoy every bit of your life.
  • Take out some time every day to talk to your parents each day. They gave birth to you and deserve a little acknowledgment in each day of your life. Parents don’t need your gratitude but if you call them every day and just hear to what they have to say, who knows you might end up learning something. They are the best teachers any human can get. So always cherish and love your parents.
  • Before going to bed, go out for a little walk and breathe in the cold fresh air which will make you feel alive. You would feel more and more energized to take on the day and you would also feel a positivity brimming in your life. Walking before sleeping helps you to sleep well. It is a natural remedy if you are suffering from insomnia and anxiety. Besides, walking in the night is a great thing if you want to take a break from your mobile and laptop screens.

These new rules in your life will ensure that you are on your way to happy healthy long life. I assure you that these changes will make you feel positive almost instantly. A life without a frequent visit to doctors and eating mental disorder medications will be one to remember forever.