Decoration home with succulent plants

Nowadays succulent plants are mostly used plants in home decoration. It creates a succulent environment and also adds tropical greenery to the home. On the other hand, it’s very easy to keep them alive. You can make your room more attractive by decor with these plants. Some ideas to decorate a home with succulent plants are given below:-

Small succulent in a glass bowl

For this, you can blend some mini succulents together and put them into bowls, vases, glasses, or pots. The size of the container will vary according to the size of the succulent blend. In the succulent bowl, there should have a drain to remove extra water and keep the soil dry when watering.

Succulent Bookend

Succulents are easily grown everywhere. So you can create a mini succulent garden on your bookshelf. To make this, plant your favorite succulent in a clear vase and put some of your favorite books beside it. To make it more beautiful, put some river stones into the vase.

Succulents in a hanging tray

To make it, need a shallow pot or a tray, rope, succulents, and candles. At first, plant your succulents in the pot or tray that contains holes on the side of hanging. With the help of a rope, hang it in a suitable place. Always avoid the windy spots. You can put candles to burn them at night to make a wonderful light effect.


Succulent green wall with a beautiful frame

The photo frame will help you to plant your succulents vertically on the wall and also give a premium look. It will help to highlight your succulents, in the same way, to display pictures in the picture frame inside your home. However, you can buy succulents online.

Decorate the door with succulents

You can fulfill your succulents planting idea on your home’s door. It will beautify your home effectively. The will be welcomed your guests into your beautiful house.

Vase with gravel and succulents

This idea is not only applicable for home decoration but also to your garden, office, or any other indoor and outdoor space. First, grow up a tall succulent into a vase and grow some mini succulents around the tall one. Then fill the vase with decorative gravel.

Succulents in a birdcage

Planting succulents in a birdcage is the coolest idea of our list. Take care of succulents is very easy and a beginner can easily grow up them anywhere successfully. Grow up them into a birdcage and placed it to your balcony to get an attractive look.

Succulent aquarium 

Without fish or water, an aquarium looks like a fun project. But you can plant succulent plants of various shapes and textures according to the shape of the size of your aquarium.

Decorate stonewall with succulents

Succulent plants are a very powerful plant. The growing power of it is unbelievable. It can grow almost everywhere. It can grow in your stone-made wall. It will inspire you to think of more creative ideas.

Decorate your dinner table with succulents

Make a mini succulent plant garden on your dinner table with the help of some cute teacups. The Sky blue color of the cup will make it more fashionable. Fill up each cup with pretty agate stones and plant succulents into it. Finally, keep all the cups in the middle of the table.

Succulent birdhouse

If there is a birdhouse in your home, you can easily decorate it with the help of succulent plants. So, plant succulents on the roof of a birdhouse and make a green roof birdhouse.

All of these ideas can be helpful for you to decorate your home with the help of succulent plants.