Common Diseases In Dogs

Common Diseases In Dogs

Common Diseases In Dogs Countries having a predominantly tropical climate has numerous viral, bacterial, parasitic, and fungal pet diseases. Broadly the diseases affecting pets vary from season to season.

In some countries, summers see the prevalence of numerous diseases while pets remain healthier in winters. In other places where the seasonal variation is lesser such marked patterns of change in diseases do not occur.

On the whole in various countries, the following diseases are commonly seen.


Rabies is the first and foremost disease to be concerned about due to its zoonotic importance. The virus prevalent in the saliva of rabid animals spreads it. Contrary to the popular myth that Rabies can be got only by the bite of a dog, any warm-blooded animal can spread the disease.

Other Viral Diseases

Other viral Common Diseases In Dogs affecting dogs include Distemper, Parvo, and Corona. Any unvaccinated animal can get these diseases and ‘prevention remains the best method for the cure’. The incidence of Parvo and Distemper is seen to be more in summers and each year numerous animals succumb to them.

kin Infestations

Summer is also the time when skin diseases are seen. Dogs are prone to skin infestations with ticks and fleas. The irritation caused by these ectoparasites causes them to itch and thereby damage their coat, which gets prone to secondary bacterial, fungal, and mite diseases. Mange caused by microscopic skin parasites called mites can also be got when a diseased pet comes in contact with a healthy animal.

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Tick Fever

Ticks also transmit a potentially fatal disease called ‘Tick Fever’. This Common Diseases In Dogs is prevalent all over the world and the best method to control it is to prevent your dog from getting ticks. Ticks also cause anemia due to their feeding on canine blood. A very large tick population can cause a condition called tick paralysis. Hairy breeds are more prone to ticks and other skin trouble. In areas like Delhi, the medications used for this disease has reduced efficacy because of drug resistance


The other major scourge that stalks your pets is Endoparasites or worms. There are two major categories of worms in dogs i.e. Tapeworms and Roundworms. They cause recurrent stomach trouble, weight loss, and general ill health for your pet cremation. Fortunately, they are easily controlled with the numerous broad-spectrum de-wormers available with your Vet. Dogs that tend to scavenge will be more prone to this disease.


Most of the Common Diseases In Dogs mentioned above are easily prevented. Basic hygiene, regular check-ups, routine vaccinations, proper grooming, and skincare all help a lot in the prevention. In some Asian countries being endemic for most of these diseases, care needs to be taken for early diagnosis and treatment.