Choosing a Family Dentist Vs Pediatric Dental Practice

If you have ever had teeth problems such as tooth decay, teeth cavities, or tooth loss as a result of an infection or traumatic injury, then you are well conversant with what goes on in a dental office.

Nevertheless, you should not wait until your toothaches for you to seek the service of an orthodontist. It is advisable to visit a dental office occasionally for routine check-ups to ensure that your teeth and gums are in perfect condition.

You, therefore, need to look for a dentist that will take care of your dental needs and that of your family members. See this link to find out more.

Family Dentist.

This type of orthodontist provides various kinds of services such as checking root and gum health, filling cavities, eliminating or preventing tooth decay, and reducing plaque. A family dentist can provide all these services to people of all ages.

It would be nice and convenient for all members of your family to visit one dentist so that if you choose a day to visit the orthodontist you can just go to one and all your family dental needs are taken care of. It will waste a lot of time for every member of the family to have a different dentist since you will have to hop from one to the next.

Even if having one dentist to take care of your family’s dental needs sounds very convenient and saves a lot of time, they are family orthodontists who have restrictions to which age bracket they can see.

Most of them see middle-aged, teenagers, and old aged people but they strictly do not take care of children’s dental needs. When you take your children to a general or a family dentist, they will refer you to a pediatric dentist. This brings us to the next point below.

Pediatric Dentist.

Pediatric dentists undergo a four-year course similar to other types of dentists. However, they prolong their studies to two or three years to be equipped with the knowledge of understanding children’s behavior and know how to deal with them comfortably when they visit them.

They are also taught how to ease anxiety for children when they take care of their teeth needs and also treat dental and growth issues for children. These types of dentists also have special additional training and certification on how to treat a child with special needs.

The question you are asking yourself is if these dentists can treat adults. They are knowledgeable about dentistry and therefore can treat adults. However, they choose not as their services are strictly provided to children under the age of eighteen.

This is because their knowledge, experience, and strengths are not in general dentistry but pediatric dental practice. They also may not have the expertise to treat some of the adults’ teeth conditions such as cosmetic dentistry, denture repair, and Invisalign which are

general dentists


popularly offered by general dentists.  Click here to read more.

Why Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist?

Each family is different and their preference varies from one family to the next. Deciding on which type of dentist to visit generally depends on your needs.

Even if visiting a family dentist of you may be convenient, choosing a separate pediatric dentist for your kid is very significant. Having your kid’s dental needs taken care of by a pediatric dentist is very essential and can bring a great difference even in the future.

These dentists have special training on how to handle children of all ages and make them feel comfortable when they take care of their dental needs be it “shark teeth”, thumb thrusting, fluorosis, thumb sucking, tooth decay, and many more.

A pediatric dentist does not only have the expertise, necessary tools, and equipment to take care of your child’s dental needs. They additionally love children and know how best to approach them.

A compassionate and caring dentist will be so good to your child in such a way that they can ease anxiety from them and make them as comfortable as possible while treating many dental conditions.

These dentists can also have the ability to build a strong relationship with your child that can last for a long time. See this link to read more

general dentists

Properties of a Pediatric Dental Office.

The offices of pediatric experts are designed in such a way that will be so comfortable for the children and help ease their anxiety. These offices are decorated with decors that are very welcoming to the kids. They also have TVs showing cartoons and other movies that children love and are located on a high table in the exam room so that the children can watch while undergoing the procedure.

Differences Between a Pediatric and a Family Dentist.

There is not much of an educational difference between a family and a pediatric dentist. Both of them must graduate from dental school in an accredited university, complete some time in residency and acquire a license that permits them to practice dentistry.

Nevertheless, pediatric dentists prolong their studies for an additional 2 to 3 years to equip them with the following; general anesthesia, conscious sedation, managing of facial/oral trauma, child development, radiology, and kid-related pharmacology.

 They likewise train in oral pathology, clinical management, and care treatment of children with special needs. These dentists likewise study children’s psychology which is why it is so easy for them to understand children and make them as comfortable as possible when doing dentistry.

Pediatric dentists are very experienced to deal with dental problems of children below the age of eighteen years. You can trust your kid’s teeth health to be taken care of by this type of dentist.

Also, they are conversant with how to treat teeth problems of children with special needs, a skill only they have. Also, since they studied a child’s psychology, they decorate their place of work with things children love to play with so that they can be distracted and forget the main thing, which is the procedure.

These experts can also easily tell if your child’s gum is growing well or not. If they are not growing as they should, they urgently refer you to an orthodontist so that the issue can be fixed as soon as possible.

Compared to pediatric experts who majorly specialize in taking care of children’s dental needs, most family dentists do not deal with children’s dental problems. They only deal with individuals aged eighteen years and above.

They have the expertise to practice adult dentistry with procedures such as cosmetic dentistry, all types of dental replacement procedures, and Invisalign. Although some of the family dentists may be willing to treat your child’s dental problems, it is essential to just take them to a pediatric expert. Click here for more insights.


Both family and pediatric dentists are so essential when it comes to taking care of the members of your family’s dental needs. The family members aged eighteen years and above should seek the expertise of a family dentist. Those that are below eighteen years need the care of pediatric dentists. These experts are the best option for your kid’s dental needs and the impact they create on your child will last for a long time. Exposing your child to the compassionate care of a pediatric dentist will make them comfortable and even in the future, they will not be scared of dental or any other procedures that are done to protect them.