Can Online Cycling Training Yield Same Results as Training Outside?

Is indoor cycling as effective as training outside? This is the most common question among people who’re considering buying an exercise cycle for their home. True, indoor cycling is not the same as outdoor cycling or any other exercise. But it can be more effective in terms of your fitness. You can work out at the comfort of your homes and it will always be easy to jump on your cycle and start working-out right away, instead of having to cycle through increasingly crowded roads in the early mornings!

Starting working-out in an exercise cycle is the easy part, but how do you plan on keeping up the routine? I would get bored in a while and we all start thinking about buying a cycle and getting outdoors. Fortunately, we can relax about those thoughts, for we have a new app called Vingo. Vingo is an Online cycling app that is designed to make our indoor cycling routine more adventurous. And, it is more of a virtual world than an app. Vingo uses highly detailed graphics to make you feel like you’re riding along in your favourite location, even though you’re cycling in your home. Here’s how it works,

How to Start Indoor Cycling Training

First you need to install the app on any of your screened devices, Mobiles, Tablets, or even better, a smart TV. It contains dozens of preloaded locations that look exactly like their real counterparts. You can select any of these locations while you run and observe the details about the place. You can connect your exercise bike with the app through Bluetooth. Once connected, the app automatically detects your speed and pace. It then uses this info to adjust the scenes on your screen to make them move alongside you. Be it Indoor cycling or running on a treadmill, you can feel the beautiful scenery while you are working-out hard.

What makes it more interesting is how you are seen inside the app, the Avatars. You can upload a selfie on the app to create your own avatar. This avatar is what is going to appear on your screen and represent you inside the Vingo world. Yes, Vingo has a social connectivity feature too.


Inside Vingo, you can connect with people through voice chat as you run, jog or cycle. You can see who’s in the same location as you and befriend them. Even more, you can join communities who share similar goals as you. You can also create your own set of communities and attract followers who are as serious about you as getting fit. In this sense, Vingo is more than an Indoor cycling app, for it makes indoor workouts more productive and also fun.

Vingo the Versatile Cycling App

Vingo is a versatile app. It can be used for walking or running on a treadmill. At the same time, you can also use the app for cycling inside your home. Regardless of the usage it provides urgent care to your needs and helps you in the fitness journey.