Can I Bring My Laptop to Addiction Rehab?

Addiction rehab centers are great, and they can provide the help you need to get clean, sober, and ready to live a happy life. But no one said that it is easy. However, one thing that might be harder than all the other challenges is trying to focus on your recovery while you are dealing with temptations like technology, food, friends, shopping, and more. Here is what you should know about bringing your laptop and phones inside.

Many individuals hesitate to go into therapy because they think that after entering the rehab facility, they will be cut off from their family and friends. It is unbearable for others to part with their computers and mobile devices, even if it is only for a brief period. After all, people today rely on their gadgets to get food, information, and entertainment.

Fortunately, some can still allow access to your laptop, especially in certain circumstances. It is possible to find an inpatient rehab that allows cell phones and laptops in patients, especially if they are in their last phases of treatments. With this said, technological stuff and other electronics may be partially allowed in various alcohol and drug therapies, provided that you follow the rules they have set.

Disadvantages to Know About


Most inpatient programs require the patient’s entire focus for them to recover faster. As part of the process, there might be an initial detox period from technology, and know that this phase will be where the relapse risk is higher and the withdrawal symptoms severe.

The programs may include workshops, counseling, and group therapy sessions. Using your phones or computer during these programs will significantly reduce the treatment’s effectiveness, which you should avoid at all costs.

Trigger Exposure

Computers with internet access can offer unlimited data and information that many people can get at the click of a button. The downside is that the information may be harmful to the individual, triggering relapses and setting back the treatment.

Most of the triggers may include receiving messages from friends about substance abuse, pictures of alcohol, watching videos, or even just reading about them in the news. If you are logging in to your laptop with the best intentions, it might be easy to see the triggers before you even realize what is happening. You need to treat yourself delicately and be careful when you are online so that you will not jeopardize the rehab process. Know more about triggers on this page.

Benefits to Know About

Laptop to Addiction Rehab

Bringing a computer to your therapy sessions is harmful and distracting. However, there are generally cases where they are beneficial. The use might be limited, but they are not totally banned from the facilities. Some of the advantages that they can do are the following:

Provide Outside Support

Most of the patients who feel that their family members and friends support their treatment journey will be able to recover faster. People tend to think that they are not getting enough support even if there are a lot of doctors and therapists around them.

Individuals use computers to communicate with their loved ones and family members in these trying times. They do this through video conference calls, social media, and messaging applications. See more about offering support to a loved one when you click this link:

Develop a Sense of Normalcy During Treatment

Addiction and substance abuse can affect everyone, including those who have family commitments and full-time jobs. More often, the ones who are admitted into the facility may need to stay for a few weeks until they finish their programs. However, some may still need to keep in touch with their colleagues at work to know what’s going on and continue some of their responsibilities and pressing obligations.

The nature of businesses and companies today tends to stay online, and they should be connected with everyone at all times. Having a computer around will help some of the patients avoid some of the possible triggers in their lives.

Should I Bring My Laptop?

Some experts believe that a laptop should not be allowed in some facilities. However, you may be asking yourself the question of whether you should bring your laptop with you or not. The answer will be up to you. If you need this for work, then bring it with you. However, it might be a different story if the device is used for playing games and entertainment.

Most facilities often stay on the side of caution when it comes to devices. If they allow phones and computers, they might be available during downtime and breaks. Keeping in contact with one’s family and preventing feelings of isolation is still essential, so various treatment facilities may offer landline calls to increase communication among patients and their family members.

There is also the option to bring books and other reading materials that are free from triggers. This will result in increased comfort and minimizing distractions at the same time. If you are wondering whether it is a wise decision to bring with you, you may look for other alternatives to help you with recovery.

With so much information available on the internet, it can be challenging to do without a laptop for some. But bringing a computer into an addiction rehab can make things more complicated, leading to new problems and a lack of focus on rehabilitation, which you should avoid. Find a treatment program that works for you.

Some of the therapies that are being offered might not need admission to the facility. The program’s goal is to give you a long-lasting and safe recovery, so if one works for you that does not require you to part with electronic devices, then go for it.

The best way to get information about addiction rehabilitation centers is to visit their website. This way, you will know more about the facilities and what they provide for their patients. In addition, you will be able to read reviews and policies on whether they allow laptops and phones in the facility.