Breast revision surgery recovery time

Breast revision surgery near me

Breast revision surgery When we talk about breast surgery, we are talking about replacing old breast implants with new implants. This is mainly done to improve the breast appearance by either lifting or reduction. After the breast implant, some complications are likely to occur, and a breast revision surgery could be the solution. Having the best techniques and execution during a breast implant, some changes may be likely to occur within the breast or implant. The following are among the most important factors to consider in breast surgery revision.

When there is a change in the breast size

The most common reason for breast implants is either increasing or reducing breast size. By going through this process, most of the women are convinced in having the size of their desire to improve their looks. Having information on the size of the implant and the original surgery can make the revision process go even smoother and easier.

Correcting ruptured implants

Rupturing of breast implants is not an unusual occurrence. Ruptures have been happening and they have been corrected. Therefore, if this happens, you should not panic. Implant rupture can be due to several reasons.

If the implant is aged, it is likely to rupture. It is therefore recommended you replace implants with new ones after some time. Trauma caused by accidents is also another reason. There have been cases of implant rupture due to needle insertion during biopsy and other procedures.

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Often, it is easy to tell if your implant is ruptured, as the breast usually becomes deflated. Depending on the materials used for the implant, sometimes it might take you long before you notice a rupture. It is therefore recommended that women with implants go for MRI scan three years after an implant.

Through breast revision surgery, the ruptured implant is removed and replaced with a new one. Note that the level of revision done will depend on how severe the rupture is and other factors like the original type of implant and incision.

You are undergoing a liposuction procedure

As you compare liposuction Sydney prices across different specialists, you might as well as start looking for a breast revision specialist. Many times, liposuction procedures are done alongside breast lifts.

If you already have implants, then a revision might be required if you are considering liposuction. Why is this necessary? The procedure may be necessary to create balance in the chest area. Note that after the reduction of fat, breasts may appear saggy or disproportionate to the rest of the body.

A breast reduction or lift will equalize your body.

Surgical complications

There are several complications associated with breast augmentation. For instance, there is bleeding, anesthesia risks, hematoma, persistent pain, infection, and even wrong positioning. The list is endless.

A surgical complication like the wrong positioning of an implant may call for breast revision surgery.


Breast revision surgery Before breast augmentation, doctors communicate the risks with their patients in detail. Once the procedure is complete, it is important to watch out for the risks and schedule a revision surgery with your doctor if need be. In case you do not like the appearance of your breasts after augmentation or you want something different, the solution available is revision.