Bread makes you fat t’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Bread makes you fat Well, we have all grown up listening to our elders who have always asked us to eat food that is low in fat and rich in carbohydrates. That is exactly why bread has been one of the best ingredients for better health and always formed the base of the food pyramid. But, recent studies have begun to show it otherwise.

Yes, the recent studies have been claiming that bread makes you fat. We have been eating bread since long, but has that has really helped us? The obesity level in the US stood at 10 per cent in the 60s, and as of 2010, the obesity has reached a level of 35 per cent! And these figures are for the US alone, do we need to elaborate any further?

Does Bread Make you fat?

Well, storing fat in your body is achieved through the Insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for storing fat in your body. If you want to gain fat, you need to eat the food that spikes the insulin and increases its production.

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When you eat the food that is rich in carbohydrates, you end up preventing the stored body fat from being used up. Fat, in fact, is used as the fuel for the bodily functions. If you do not use it, it will keep accumulating further. The body will not be able to switch to fats as an energy source. However, you cannot even leave using fat altogether. You need fats and fatty acids for a wide range of bodily functions.

Thus, you will keep gaining more weight as you continue eating grains. As you keep eating more grains or Bread makes you fat we would say, you would end up getting more fatter.

Why Does Bread make You fat?

Well, the reason is simple enough. Bread is made of grains and grains are rich in carbohydrates. Any food that is rich in carbs will convert itself into glucose. Your body does not have a mechanism to store the carbohydrates.

The conversion to glucose can be a serious concern. Since your blood sugar levels are designed to be at certain level, any rise in this amount of sugar induces the release of insulin. Thus the sugar is stacked up as adipose and stored as fat to be used later when needed. It begins getting collected at the waist and hips, and once it is beyond control, it begins filling wherever it can.

Can Bread really make You fat?

Well, based on what we have discussed just now, bread makes you fat. Not all types of bread may not make you fatter. But consumption of refined grains such as white bread, rice and pasta can help you make put on unwanted fat.

Do note that it does not necessarily that every kind of bread makes you burn fat; white bread can make you gain fat around your waist, which is referred to as visceral fat.

A Spanish research has pointed out that consumption of 3 to 4 slices of white bread can induce a 40 per cent chance of getting overweight or gaining fat.

Is there any way to avoid gaining fat through bread?

Well, scientists and food experts over the years have always debated over the relation between the high bread consumption and fat. Some of these experts have claimed that bread is nutritionally useless. They do not see any plus points in the bread.

However, there are others who are of the opinion that bred has a rich content of carbohydrates and fiber. So which of those two thoughts should you believe in? Will bread really make you fat?

Well, yes – there are several factors you should pay attention to. Not every kind of bread makes you fat.

Don’t consume too much White bread

White Bread makes you fat is made of refined flour. The refined flour does not have any nutrients in it. It is made after stripping off all the nutrients and fiber is removed from it. This bread can be quickly assimilated by your digestive system. It then spikes the blood sugar levels as explained above and further causes the Insulin release.

This can lead to the accumulation of fat as we have already understood in the above discussion. It can cause type 2 diabetes, make you put on weight or even cause a huge number of lifestyle diseases.

Make Whole Grain bread your staple diet

Whole grain bread has more fiber and thus, can be an excellent option for your digestive system. This can be extremely helpful enough in taking care of cancer, diabetes, obesity and constipation.

Apart from the fiber, you would also find the other ingredients like minerals and other nutrients. The whole grain bread will not necessarily cause a spike n the blood sugar levels. Do note that the whole grain Bread makes you fat available in the packaged format may or may not have all the goodness of a true whole grain bread.

Ensure that the bread you choose consists of the highest protein levels and low content of fats and sugar. The presence of trans fats may also be a serious concern.

So, in the end …

Well, that should already have been clear to you by now. If you have chosen the genuine whole grain Bread makes you fat for your staple food, you can be assured of a good BMI – Body Mass Index. The fact lies in how you use the bread and what you choose along with the bread. If you are still worried about why does bread make you fat, the above discussion should also be helpful for you in arriving at the best possible results.

So, did we answer your query – Will bread make you fat? Yes, it will, if you are not careful about what you eat and how you eat. Make sure you consume whole grain bread and opt for two to four slices of it per day. Make sure you check the label when choosing the packaged bread even when it is labelled as the whole grain bread.