Banana diet plan for weight loss

Banana diet is fiber-rich fruits and it provides a number of health benefits.  Obviously, bananas are the most popular food that can be loved by all age groups of people. People love to eat banana due to its great task and softness. With its high nutrient content, low price it is the ideal fruit that plays an important role in your daily diet. Most importantly, it is a good option for weight loss.

Now, most people love to follow the banana diet for weight loss because it is highly effective than others even it involves a number of eating plans that utilize bananas as the main food. Overall, this meal plan can be quite beneficial. Banana Diet is a superior option to lose weight without experiencing any complications. If you interested to lose your extra weight you must consider the banana diet, it is a hundred percentages safe and provides effective results than any other weight loss methods,

Banana Diet Breakfast Options

 Banana diet is the recommended choice because banana offers many benefits. Banana loaded with potassium, magnesium and B vitamins. Even banana contains no fat as well as cholesterol so it is best for your health. Banana considered as the energy food, it is best for heart and bones. Even ensures the functionality of your nervous system and kidneys as well as ensures your mood. At the same time boost the immune system.

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Banana weight loss diet is highly effective as well as delicious. Apart from that, it is a fast way to shed extra pounds within a short time period. If you follow this diet you no need to eat boring and tasteless foods. However, people love this diet due to its simplicity. Overall, Banana Diet produces serotonin in your body which is called happiness hormone. Through this diet your body absorbs nutrients; overall it is very easy to follow the banana diet which means you can easily lose your three to four days. Within one week you can easily reduce 8 pounds.

Three To Four Day Banana Diet Menu

The banana is the regimen that can be followed by anyone especially it is the ideal choice for the individual who prefers to lose weight in an emergency situation. When it comes to following this diet you need to consider some points in your mind.

 If you interested to lose weight within the short time period you must follow the Banana Diet,  for three to four days you need to eat 3-5 bananas each day also combining them with three or four cups of low-fat milk.  If you are not comfortable with milk you must prefer almond milk or you can also separately of making a smoothie by blending it with one cup of milk with also add ice cubes together. Then you need to freeze your bananas for a few hours, you must freeze it becomes blending them with milk, finally, you will get delicious ice cream. It is the best option for a hot summer day. This will help you get rid around 6 pounds of body weight.

Seven Day Banana Diet Menu

 With the help of the 7-day banana diet, you can easily reduce 8 pounds, for this diet you need are bananas, two eggs, and green tea. Each day you need to drink as much tea and also eat up to 3 pounds of bananas. In addition to this add 2 eggs to your 7-day plan. After completion of the diet, you can also return to normal eating habits. In that time, avoid eating processed as well as fatty foods. You must start with fresh vegetable and fruits, after that slowly introduce the variety of foods then also increase the size of your meals.

Other Meals In Banana Diet

Along with the Banana Diet you can also eat whatever you’d like for lunch and dinner, but you need to avoid dairy products at the same time you need to eat dinner before 8 p.m.

Banana Diet also includes seafood, eggs, and skinless poultry. You must avoid processed foods, refined grains

Banana Diet Snacks

 Obviously, snacks aren’t recommended when you follow the Banana Diet but if you feel particularly hungry you may eat a piece of fresh fruit. At the same time, it is important to avoid adding dried fruits as well as canned fruits because these are higher in calories. To control hunger you may add a small piece of dark chocolate. Vegetables and Fruits.

 Rules on the Banana Diet

Along with the banana diet, it is important to follow the exercise is routine, it is important to lose a significant amount of weight. You must do exercise at last for 30 and 60 minutes including brisk walking, biking, swimming, a couple of strength-training workouts that allow you to receive best results.


Banana Diet is good and it is also important to take enough sleep that can be associated with an increased body mass index. Normally, sleep can develop hormone levels that are off-kilter. Lack of sleep causes increased appetite as well a1s lead to weight gain.


Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables allows you to get great energy as well as ensures your weight loss. Most importantly you have possibilities to reduce more weight on Banana Diet while following this diet you need to add fewer calories than you use during the day. Overall, it is important to reduce excess calorie intake. This might be easier; banana can range in calories up to 72 – 135 so it is also ideal for your diet plan.


 In order to reduce weight, you must keep these points in mind, you must try the banana as well as milk diet. It is the ideal way to reduce extra inches successfully. Overall, it is the ideal way to reduce uncomfortable body shape. However, Banana and milk are a healthy way to lose weight in a fast manner. So don’t waste your time, you must take this diet to lose extra bounds without wasting your money, effort and time.