Alcohol Can Ruin Your Sex Life in The Following Ways

Drinking alcohol occasionally cab be a good way of enjoying quality time with friends. Actually, many people enjoy having alcohol as a way of socializing, relaxing, and having a good time away from work. However, too much alcohol can impact your body negatively. To be specific, alcohol puts a toll on your sex life, and this is why health professionals recommend people to drink a certain amount of alcohol in a week. Here are six ways alcohol affects your sex life.

  • STDs

Alcohol impairs your judgment, and when you are too much drunk, you may not be cautious. There is a huge risk when alcohol is combined with sex. Many people who drink regularly and irrepressibly tend to indulge themselves in irresponsible sexual behaviors. They are, therefore, exposed to the most common STDs. According to studies, 50% of people who indulge in unplanned sex are under the influence of alcohol. The same studies show that 60% of contracted STDs are transmitted when people are drunk.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

Too much alcohol can cause temporary or long-lasting erectile dysfunction. Boozing decreases the flow of blood on the penis and this reduces the intensity of orgasms and excitement. In short, many people are not able to erect when heavy on the alcohol. Remember, before a man gets aroused, the brain has to send a signal to the penis to trigger an erection. However, this is a different case when drunk and the message from the brain to the penis may not be sent.

  • Ruined Relationships

According to studies, many people who drink excess alcohol tend to have relationship problems. They have infidelity, conflicts, and economic insecurities. Additionally, most sexual assault and domestic violence cases have been associated with alcohol. In short, people who drink alcohol beyond moderation have problems with how they relate with other people. In fact, they do not recognize boundaries. Even if drinking alcohol can make you confident, it boils down to different problems in the long run. Your partner may get withdrawn both physically and emotionally. In such situations, you feel uncomfortable even having sex. Therefore, it is vital to stay calm when drunk until you are sober enough to recognize boundaries.

  • Unpleasable Sex

Many people have poor hand-eye coordination when drunk. Their physical response is so poor that they have problems orgasming, and often have premature ejaculation. Most women also find it hard to lubricate their vaginas. Long-term drinking also affects the nerves on the clitoris and the penis. Therefore, you may not find it pleasurable when have sex.

  • Infertility

There is a strong link between alcohol and infertility. Some people who have problems reproducing are heavy drinkers. Drinking too much alcohol for a long time can cause ovulation disorder in females and reduce the sperm count, motility, size, and shape on men. Therefore, men who drink too much alcohol may find it hard to make their female partners pregnant.


If you start noticing problems in your sex life, it might be high time you stopped drinking alcohol. Too much alcohol affects your sex life in the ways mentioned above.