5 Food Tips That Will make your Food go WOW!

They say those who love are foodies! But in that definition, we all are foodies 🙂 Food is the best thing that has happened in our lives and it’s high time we admit it now. But some of us may have the same food routine or boring food every day. To spice it up, we have come up with some of the best food tips you can add to your normal food to make it literally WOW!

1. Use Generous Quantity For taste

Here is a tip, use generous quantities of veggies, be it onion, tomato, capsicum for your next Italian recipe or Mexican cuisine. The little secret to amazing taste is using good quantities of cheese and butter too. But you need to check your weight still because if you are on a diet, you can avoid this tip 😉 More quantity of veggies basically makes your food rich with flavors and you and your guests will obviously love it more while butter and cheese, you can’t just go wrong with it.

2. Use Extraordinary spices

If you don’t know by now, you should learn the benefits of adding spices like cinnamon, pepper and other spices in your food. It can literally make the taste of your food go multiple folds better. Plus, these spices are good for digestion too. So, next time while choosing a recipe for cooking, make sure it has some of the spices for extra flavour and taste.

3. Use aioli in food

It is an amazing sauce used mostly in London. It can make your burger, sandwich, and everything a lot of times better. If you have no idea what it is, you can check this bacon aioli recipe for reference. You can literally eat it with your salad too. It is just so great, we highly suggest you use it.

4. Eating Banana the right way

Okay, This tip is for health-conscious people too. Bananas are amazing for healthy weight gain. Did you know, you can actually eat bananas and not gain weight. The tip here is to slice the banana into pieces, add some black pepper, and eat it in the morning. This tip may actually reduce the weight in some cases. So, next time while eating a banana, try this hack and enjoy it guilt-free.

5. Add seasoning to your butter

This tip is for health-conscious as well as guilt-free eaters. The tip here is to season your butter so you will need to use less of it. If you’re cooking meat, you can add garlic, lemon zest, etc. Whereas, for Italian meals like pasta, you can use the classic oregano or chili flakes seasoning to go with the butter.

We hope you found out these tips top-notch and mouth drooling. So, remember to use these tips next time you make your food. What are your thoughts on this? Comment below and let us know.